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Huron's Distinct Advantage 

Huron University College is completely unique to post-secondary institutions in Canada. We are creating a university experience unlike any other that prioritizes ethical leadership and community engagement, as much as the pursuit of academic achievement.

We believe every student with the passion and work ethic to positively change our world deserves to access the knowledge to understand it and the skills to shape it. Huron provides elite, yet accessible, education. This means, we empower Leaders with Heart from all backgrounds and foster a vibrant and inclusive community. 

Who thrives at Huron? Every student who welcomes the challenge of interacting with unparalleled faculty and peers in classrooms where you’re held accountable to show up and show off. We’re not going to train you for one specific career. Instead, you’ll receive a well-rounded education that prepares you for numerous, ever-changing roles, so you’re better able to meet the demands of the modern marketplace. 

  • What makes Huron different?

  • • Small class sizes so you get personalized attention from professors
    • A tightknit community where students know one another and have ample opportunities for meaningful involvement in our school culture
    • Dedicated professors who are regularly available for one-on-one support
    • Opportunities to engage in graduate school level research 
    • Robust careers and internships programming across disciplines to set you up for success
    • Our distinguished alumni network that students may access at special events – or via our internships and careers program
    • Local and international partnerships to set students a part, including being Ontario’s only Harvard Business School HBX partner and offering the dual degree program with Ivey Business School

    Huron’s outstanding atmosphere produces distinguished world leaders who transform the sectors they operate within. If you’re ready for a unique student experience, we look forward to developing your individual gifts in ways that benefit humanity. 

    Together, Leaders with Heart will disrupt the status quo to create an incredible future.
  • The Value of a Liberal Arts Education

  • At Huron, your courses are going to challenge you academically and help develop your intellect. But, your education will also prioritize community engagement and civic responsibility. So, you won’t just graduate with a solid knowledge base, you will also have a more active cultural and social conscience. 

    You will know how to interpret complex narratives – like those presented in the news – with the understanding things may not always be as they seem. You’ll also foster the persuasive communication skills you need to motivate people to action.

    A Liberal Arts degree turns your preconceived notions of the world on their heads. Our professors engage you in local and global communities to help you develop the perspective, competency and conviction to solve the difficult challenges our world is facing. 

    Today’s companies look very different from the ones your parents worked in, and tomorrow’s will look even more unfamiliar as businesses adapt to new technological trends and globalization. To survive, they need employees that can see things from numerous points of view, adapt to unforeseen circumstances and communicate effectively to lead different personalities.

    These are exactly the skills a Liberal Arts education empowers you with:

    • The ability to research to validate a point of view
    • A well-informed worldview
    • Empathy and respect for diverse opinions
    • Time management skills and the ability to produce under pressure
    • Comfort with public speaking and the confidence to defend your perspective in a constructive manner
    • Critical analysis to understand complex issues and creative problem solving to generate solutions

    Don’t settle for learning the skills for one career. Become a formidable force in the modern job market with transferable abilities that will set you a part and position you for leadership roles in the sector of your choice.

  • Careers

  • We want you to come to Huron because your goal is to make a positive difference in the world. But, we understand defining your career path is also a very important part of your higher education journey. That’s why, in addition to having access to personalized attention, references and research opportunities through your professors, you will also be fully support by staff dedicated to helping you secure gainful employment.  

    Career planning is essential in today's challenging economy. To ensure you are prepared for the current job market, we will work with you to establish where you want to go and then assist in formulating plans and preparing the necessary tools for reaching your goals.

    The Coordinator, Careers and Internships works hard to secure partnerships with great employers so our students can explore potential career paths, while gaining meaningful work experience. They will also help you secure volunteer jobs and successfully navigate the internship market. From resume support to nurturing valuable connections with our esteemed alumni, they will help you get where you want to go, so you can start changing the world by leading with heart your way. 

    For further information on Huron’s Career Development Services click here.
  • Experiential learning opportunities

  • Authentic learning happens beyond the classroom, so Huron’s Co-Curricular Learning Office helps students connect their course material to the real world through community engagement. Community-Based Learning (CBL) creates experiences for students to recognize the applicability of their Liberal Arts degree to their personal and professional success. CBL supports Huron's mission of "combining rigorous learning with the exploration of new territory" by connecting the classroom to the community and the community to the classroom.

    Students will have an opportunity to participate in independent study with forms of active learning. In order to provide transformational community-based learning, we ensure that CBL components are integrated into the course in ways that actually make sense. We identify partnerships that are meaningful and relevant to course material and that are equally beneficial to the student and the community partner.  

    Huron provides students with unique opportunities to overcome the real and imagined boundaries that conventionally divide the academy from the community. They will meet influential community members, build upon their resumes and develop an authentic understanding of how their degree will help them contribute significant value to their workplace and society as a whole.