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This Handbook is intended to provide all staff and faculty of Huron University College with a convenient source of information on the College, its governance, policies and procedures, and Faculty Conditions of Appointment.


It is hoped that this Handbook will prove useful. Nevertheless, all employees are advised that the terms and conditions of University policy or government legislation in effect at any particular time are the only rules and regulations that have legal status. Any comments, errors, or omissions that may appear in the handbook do not constitute a basis for assuming a right or prerogative that this is not consistent with the terms of the official document involved.

Any new policies and revisions to existing policies should be forwarded electronically to Deborah Lucas, Vice Principal of Finance and Administration, at dlucas4@uwo.ca.

Those responsible for updating/revising policies for their specific areas/departments are requested to use the electronic format used in this Handbook to ensure consistency in format and style. Issue and revision dates need to be included.