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Opportunities for Students with Degrees in Global Studies

Graduates of the Centre for Global Studies are well prepared for rewarding careers and community engagement. Alumni have gone on to a wide range of pursuits, from development work abroad, to grassroots not-for-profits, to entrepreneurship.

Jeff Pastorius (left) and Aaron Lawrence (behind) are Global Studies graduates and co-owners of On the Move Organics, The Root Cellar Organic Cafe, and the London Brewing Co-Op.
  • Applying the Skills of your Centre for Global Studies Degree

  • Graduates from Globalization Studies modules are well equipped to continue their studies in interdisciplinary or discipline specific graduate programs which stress independent research into the impacts of social, political and economic phenomena at a human scale. Students with an interest in pursuing careers defined by their interests in social justice work, advocacy, policy analysis and community development are also well prepared by Globalization Studies degrees.

    The objective of Global Development Studies is to provide students with sufficient critical awareness of the conditions underlying contemporary global inequalities so that they themselves may understand best how to become positive agents of global change. Students with degrees in Global Development Studies are particularly well prepared for work with organizations engaging local and global problems of poverty, social justice, sustainable development, gender equality, and the enhancement of civil society projects. They are also fully prepared for further study in graduate degree programs in development studies, along with graduate study across the social sciences.

    An education in Global Culture Studies prepares students particularly well for graduate study in interdisciplinary Master's (MA) programs concerning social, political, and cultural theory. Depending on the specific range of courses they select in their undergraduate studies, students with degrees in Global Culture Studies may also prepared themselves well for MA programs in International Studies, Social Justice, Gender, Politics, Globalisation Studies, Human Rights, Nationalism and Ethnicities, Migration Studies, and Cultural Studies, as well as the study of Law.

    The Honors Specialization in Global Gender Studies aims to encourage students to examine the processes of globalization, formations of global culture, and how practices of global development are organized by gendered divisions and identities.  Students with degrees in Global Gender Studies are well prepared for graduate degree programs in development studies, social justice studies, as well as a wide range of gender studies.
  • Professional Study For Centre for Global Studies Graduates

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