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Huron has developed strengths in Chinese and Japanese languages and literatures as well as in more general studies of the region.

Students can minor in Chinese and/or Japanese languages or in China (cultural) Studies and/or Japan (cultural) Studies. They can also major or minor in East Asia Studies, an interdisciplinary program involving perspectives from the disciplines of history, political science, philosophy, literature, and others.

  • Programs Offered

  • Chinese Programs

    The Chinese language program offers a balanced four-level program of listening, speaking, reading and writing standard Chinese. A primary goal is to provide a solid foundation in pronunciation, grammar, and proficiency in the four language skills in the first three levels. Courses at the fourth level serve to facilitate students attaining competence in reading authentic modern writings, with the aid of a dictionary. For students who have attained fluency, elective courses are offered to explore specific aspects of Chinese language and culture, in film, business, literature, and communication.

    Minor in Chinese Studies
    Minor in Chinese Business Communications
    Minor in China Studies

    Japanese Programs

    Huron University College offers a variety of Japanese courses that provide opportunities for students to acquire the breadth and depth of knowledge of Japan that will prepare them for a range of careers in the international arena. In the twenty-first century, the expanding global demands and dimensions of most fields will require people trained in languages and intercultural communication. As the second-largest economy in the world, Japan will continue to play a crucial role in international affairs. Japanese studies at Huron equips students with the linguistic and cultural knowledge of Japan that they will need in such careers as international business, law, academics and others.

    Minor in Japanese Studies
    Minor in Japan Studies

    East Asia Studies

    The East Asia Studies Major helps students combine language courses at successive levels of study with courses in culture and literature and in social science approaches to understanding the area.

    Major in East Asia Studies
    Minor in East Asia Studies
  • Proficiency and Placement

  • Placement and Permission for Huron Chinese Courses
    Students interested in Chinese "Basic Language Courses" must apply for Placement and Permission to enrol.

    To apply to be placed in one for the Stream A: Basic Language Courses, click on:

    Placement Request Form

    Language Proficiency Tests

    The Chinese Test Centre at Huron administrates the Business Chinese Test (BCT) and the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) on behalf of external accrediting organizations. These tests are not used to place students into course offered by Huron.

    Please contact the Co-ordinator for the Chinese Program for time and location of the specific Chinese test to be held at Huron.

    For general official tests information, please visit: www.chinesetest.cn
  • Faculty Members: A Closer Look

  • Chinese Program Faculty

    Dr. Clare Gordon
    Sessional Faculty, Chinese Program

    Email: cgordon@uwo.ca
    Office: HUC A11
    Phone: 519-438-7224 ext. 228

    BA English (Beijing Foreign Studies University), MA, Ph.D. (U.W.O.)

    Courses Taught
    Chinese I (1151)
    Perspectives on China (1650F/G)
    Understanding Chinese Business Culture I and II (2240F/G and 2241F/G)
    Business Chinese I and II (3340A/B and 3341A/B)

    Dr. Lucy He
    Sessional Faculty, Chinese Program
    Email: lhe26@huron.uwo.ca
    Office: HUC A10
    Phone: 519-438-7224 ext. 331

    B.A. (Suzhou University of Science and Technology, China), M.Ed. in Language Education (Open University of Hong Kong), Ph.D. Linguistics (Shaanxi Normal University, China)

    Courses Taught
    Proficiency for HSK (3344A/B)
    Improving Chinese Communication Skills in Standard Chinese (3345A/B)
    Chinese III (3350)
    Student Project - 2017
    Chinese IV (4450)

    Dr. Guo Yuan (Kevin) Liu
    Lecturer, Chinese Program
    Email: gliu23@uwo.ca
    Office: HUC A13

    B.A. English Literature (Concordia), M.A. & Ph.D. Comparative Literature (U.W.O)

    Courses Taught
    Representative Works in Traditional Chinese Literature (2242F/G)
    Representative Works in Modern Chinese Literature (2244F/G)
    Chinese Cities and Chinese Culture (2247F/G)

    Li Sun
    Lecturer, Chinese Program
    Email: lsun82@uwo.ca
    Office: HUC

    Courses Taught
    Beginner's Chinese II (2250)

    Dr. Hua (Laura) Wu

    Chair, French and Asian Studies
    Email: hwu1@huron.uwo.ca
    Office: HUC A7
    Phone: 519-438-7224 ext. 332

    B.A. (Shanxi Agricultural University China), M.A. Comparative Literature (University of Toronto), Ph.D., East Asian Studies (University of Toronto)

    Courses Taught
    Beginner's Chinese I (1150)
    Fiction and Traditional Chinese Society (2650F/G)
    Fiction and Modern Chinese Society2651F/G)
    The Chinese Novel (3651F/G)

    Japanese Program Faculty

    Sawako Akai
    Sessional Faculty, Japanese Program

    Email: sakaimor@huron.uwo.ca
    Office: HUC A213
    Phone: 519-438-7224 ext. 243

    BA (Kansai Gaidai), M.Ed. (Brock)

    Courses Taught
    Japanese I (1050)
    Japanese II (2250)

    Mitsume Fukui

    Email: mfukui@uwo.ca
    Office: HUC A217, AHB 3G28J (main campus)
    Phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 87078

    Courses Taught
    Japanese I (1050) - Intersession 2017

    Dr. Michiya Kawai
    Associate Professor and Co-ordinator, Japanese Program
    Email: mkawai@huron.uwo.ca
    Office: HUC A214
    Phone: 519-438-7224 ext. 330

    B.A. English (Meiji Gakuin University), Ph.D. Linguistics (University of Connecticut). 

    Courses Taught
    Japanese II (2250)
    Perspectives on Japan (1650F/G)
    The Cultural Foundations of Modern Japan (JPN 2601A/B)
    Japan through Film (JPN 3450F/G)
    Japanese IV (4450)

    Research Interests
    Language Learnability
    Foreign Language Pedagogy
    Culture Studies

    Recent Publications
    Verbal morphology of Japanese and syntactic head movement. 2008. In Susie Jones ed. Proceedings of the 2008 Annual Meeting of Canadian Linguistic Society. http://www.chass.utoronto.ca/~cla-acl/actes2008/CLA2008_Kawai.pdf: 1-15.

    Alleged Japanese small clauses. 2008. In Sarah Clarke, Manami Hirayama, Kyumin Kim and Eugenia Suh eds. The Proceedings of the International Conference of East Asian Linguistics: Toronto Working Papers in Linguistics 28, 8-105. Department of Linguistics, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario. http://www.chass.utoronto.ca/~twpl/

    Naho Ogata
    Lecturer, Japanese Program

    Email: nogata@uwo.ca
    Office: HUC

    Courses Taught
    Japanese I (1050)
    Japanese III (3350)

    Rie Shirakawa
    Lecturer, Japanese Program

    Email: rshiraka@uwo.ca
    Office: HUC A9
    Phone: 519-438-7224 ext. 315

    Courses Taught
    Japanese I (1050)