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Governance, Leadership & Ethics 
Developing Leaders for the 21st Century

Students recognize we live and work in an increasingly complex, interdependent and uncertain world. You understand the need for new decision-making models and leadership styles. You are keen to participate in civic affairs and contribute to the well-being of local and global communities. 

Huron's new Major in Governance, Leadership & Ethics (GLE) ​is designed to fully grasp the challenges of contemporary governance and develop the know-how for leadership that is inclusive, accountable and effective.

The goal of GLE is to develop students who are able to meet the growing demand for ethical and transformative ​Leadership with Heart ​in the private, public and non-profit sectors. 

In addition to new courses in Governance and Leadership, GLE is a multi-disciplinary program that brings together relevant courses in:

- Political Science
- Management & Organizational Studies
- History
- Philosophy 

Additionally, GLE students will be engaged in unique experiential learning and research opportunities. 

New Courses 


Introduces students to the theories and models of contemporary governance and explores their implementation in organizational settings across the public, private and community sectors.


Introduces students to principled leadership as a foundation for decision making and evaluation, taking into account power, influence, followership, roles and citizenship. 

The Capstone Course (4th year):

Offers students a range of opportunities to integrate and develop their learning experiences, including a thesis, major research papers, reading course or a community-based consultancy with a written report. 

Major in Governance, Leadership & Ethics

Students majoring in GLE are required to take three courses:

- Governance
- Introduction to Ethics and Value Theory
- Leadership

After successfully completing these courses, they may choose from selected courses from three groupings:

- The Governance Group
- The Leadership Group
- The Ethics Group

Beyond the classroom

Huron's GLE Major integrates teaching, research and community-based learning into the analysis of organizational behaviour, civic engagement and social responsibility in decision making. 

Each student works with a faculty advisor to develop individual research-learning opportunities and connect with community-based and professional organizations for experiences where theory meets practice.

Several courses offer students a community-based learning experience, including Management & Organizational Consulting, which provides a real-world management consulting experience for each student. 

Each of the governance themes - organizational, ethical and leadership - provides for student-driven research partnerships