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The Psychology Program at Huron offers three different modules of study and a combined Ivey HBA and Huron PSY degree:

Honors Specialization Module in Psychology
This module is recommended for students planning on going to graduate school in Psychology, (e.g., PhD in Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, etc.).

Major Module in Psychology
This module is recommended for students planning to pursue a professional graduate degree,  (e.g., MBA, medical school, dentistry, law, education, etc.).

Minor Module in Psychology
This module is recommended for students who wish to dabble in a few Psychology courses, but major in another  program of study.

The Huron Psychology/Ivey HBA Combined Degree Program
Students completing this five-year program will graduate with an Honors Specialization in Psychology (BA) and with an Honors Business Administration (HBA) degree.  This combined degree program recognizes and builds upon the complementary content of business and psychology.

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  • Psychology Program FAQs

  • What's the Difference Between a B.A. in Psychology and a B.Sc. in Psychology?

    The difference mainly lies in the other course requirements necessary to complete the degree.  In the B.Sc., you would be completing a certain number of science courses (i.e ., biology, chemistry, physics, etc.), which would not be required in the B.A. degree.  With respect to the Psychology courses and requirements, they are largely the same in both degrees - in other words, as a B.A. student, you are not doing anything significantly different or learning anything different (in the area of Psychology) than you would as a B.Sc. student.    

    Can I still do a graduate degree in Biopsychology/Neuropsychology/Neuroscience with a B.A. in Psychology?

    Yes!  Fields like neuroscience are interdisciplinary— meaning that they draw from various disciplines to form one large field of study. Because the Psychology content is basically the same regardless of the degree type (B.A. or B.Sc.), the actual letters are not that relevant or important a consideration, so long as you do well in your chosen degree program, and have had the right kind of research experiences. Many actual neuroscientists have B.A. degrees.  In fact, several graduates of our Huron Psychology program have been accepted into (and completed) M.Sc.or Ph.D. degree programs in Neuroscience, Clinical Neuropsychology, and Biopsychology.

    At Huron, the Psychology Department firmly believes that basic foundational research knowledge is the best preparation for any career— especially graduate programs in Psychology or Neuroscience.  By graduation , our students have significant research skills that allow them to be highly successful in graduate school - particularly students who pursue study in the neurosciences.