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The seminary and theology school at Huron is a dynamic, diverse, and welcoming community of learning and faith, offering courses and degrees at the undergraduate Bachelor's, Master's, and graduate Master's levels.

  • Faculty Members' Profiles


    William, Acres, BA (UWO), PhD (Cambridge)

    Comparative Religions & Church History
    Office & phone extension: V134, ext. 608
    Email: wacres@uwo.ca

    Dr. Bill Acres has completed The Burghley Letters for the Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, and is working on the completion of a monograph "Officers and Stations: The Creation of Military Culture in Late-Elizabethan England, 1579-1603; and has begun work on Images and Ideology: Religious and Secular Nationalism in Europe, 1600-1870. He has also been working with others on the creation of a computational database program for the mapping of knowledge networks in historical communities, for which the group has received a New Research and Scholarly Initiatives Major Award from UWO and SSHRC. He is giving papers this year in Paris, Granada, Chicago, and at UWO (Law and Governance in England, 1350-1800). Among other recent work, he has authored several articles and a forthcoming book on Sir Robert Cecil, Sir Robert Cecil and "Britain," 1588-1603. A member of several Diocesan committees, he organized a conference for the Diocese of Huron's 150th anniversary.

    Courses taught 2016-17:
    Church History 5104a  Early Church to Lake Middle Ages
    Church History 5106b  Late Middle Ages to Modern Times
    Church History 5223b  Christian Tradition in Canada
    Religious Studies 2130  Living Religions (fall term)
    Religious Studies 2730G  Sacred Matter 

    Andrea Stevenson Allen, BA (Northwestern), MTS (Harvard Divinity), PhD (Harvard)

    Assistant Professor, Religious Studies
    Office & phone extension:  A216, ext. 292
    Email:  aallen65@uwo.ca

    Andrea Stevenson Allen is an anthropologist whose research focuses on race, gender, and sexuality in Brazil; religious experiences in the African Diaspora; medical anthropology; and Brazilian and Portuguese immigration to the United States. She received a BA from Northwestern University, a Master of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School, and a PhD in Anthropology from Harvard University. She recently published an article: "'Brides' without Husbands: Lesbians in the Afro-Brazilian Religion Candomble."

    Courses taught 2016-17:
    Religious Studies 2715g  Sexing Religion:  The Body & Spirituality

    Gary D. Badcock, BA, MA (Memorial), BD, PhD (Edinburgh)

    Systematic Theology, Philosophy, Ethics, Peache Professor of Divinity
    Office & phone extension: A221, ext. 288
    Email: gbadcock@uwo.ca

    Gary studied philosophy at Memorial University and theology at the University of Edinburgh. He has taught at the Universities of Aberdeen (1991-92) and Edinburgh (1993-99), and at Huron since 1999. His teaching spans the areas of Christine doctrine, philosophical theology, and ethics. In addition to a series of shorter essays in these fields, Gary has written Light of Truth and Fire of Love: A Theology of the Holy Spirit, and The Way of Life: A Theology of Christian Vocation. He has also recently completed an ecclenology under the title, The House Where God Lives. He lives in London with his wife, Susan and two daughters, Hannah and Mairi.

    Courses taught 2016-17:
    Systematic Theology 5103a, Theological Studies 2207f
    Systematic Theology 5206a,  Theological Studies 2208f  (Christ, Salvation & Trinity)
    Systematic Theology 5222a/Theology 9530a (Theology of Karl Barth)

    Ramez Boutros Bashara, BA (Helwan University, Cairo), MA (University of Strasbourg), PhD (University of Marc Bloch, Strasbourg) 

    Assistant Professor, Religious Studies (Coptic Christianity, Christianity in the Middle East)
    Office and extension number:  A319a, ext. c/o 289
    email:  rbishara@uwo.ca

    Ramez Boutros studied architecture in Cairo. He holds a PhD in Antiquity Science and Civilizations of Byzantium from the University of Marc Bloch in Strasbourg, France (2002). He worked for the French Institute of Oriental Archaeology in Cairo as an Architect and Researcher from 1990 to 2005. Since September 2007, after moving to Canada, he was accepted as Visiting Fellow at Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies at the University of Toronto, and in 2008 as a Research Fellow. In 2010 he was awarded the Licence in Mediaeval Studies. Since September 2008, he has also taught as an adjunct Lecturer in the Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations (NMC) at the U of T. He is the President of the Canadian Society for Coptic Studies, a not-profit-society based in the Department of NMC at the U of T. He is also the General Editor of the Journal of the Canadian Society for Coptic Studies.

    Courses taught 2016-17:
    Church History 5233a/ Religious Studies 2280F-(History of Monasticism)
    The Rev. Canon Timothy Connor, BA, MA, MDiv, ThD
    Part-time Faculty, Pastoral Theology
    Office and extension number:  A319c, ext. c/o 289 
    email:  tba

    Course taught in 2016-17:
    Pastoral Theology 5305b

    The Rev. Jeff Crittenden, BA (Laurentian), BTh (distinction) (McGill), M. Div (McGill), M.Th. (St. Stephens), DMin (Preaching) (McCormick, University of Chicago)

    Assistant Professor, Homiletics
    Office and phone extension:  A216; ext. 292
    Email:  crittenden.jeff@gmail.com

    Jeff Crittenden is an ordained minister in the United Church of Canada, serving Metropolitan United in London, Ontario.  Jeff lectures on Homiletics and Liturgy at theological colleges in both Alberta and in Cardiff, Wales, as well as preparing Lay Worship Leaders at 5 Oaks Retreat Centre in Paris, Ontario.  He is a member of the Academy of Homiletics and is currently the President-elect of the London Conference.

    Course taught 2016-17:
    Homiletics 5305b

      Ms Mihad Fahmy

    Part-time Faculty, Pastoral Theology
    Office and phone extension:  A319c; ext. tba 
    Email:  tba

    Course taught in 2016-17:
    Pastoral Theology 5239a (Religious Accommodation in Canada)
    Dr. Herb Gruning, BA, MA, PhD (Montreal)

    Assistant Professor, Theological Ethics
    Office and extension Number:  A319c, c/o ext. 289
    Email: herbgruning@sympatico.ca

    Dr. Gruning received a BA in General Science and Philosophy from the University of Guelph, a Masters of Arts in Religious Studies from the University of Windsor, and a PhD in the Faculty of Religious Studies from McGill University in Montreal. His areas of specialization include Religion and Science, Human Nature, Philosophy of Religion and Theological Ethics.

    Course taught for 2016-17:
    Theological Ethics 5203b/Theological Studies 3312g (Theol Ethics)

    Gordon J. Hamilton, BA (Brown), MTS, MA, PhD (Harvard)

    Professor Emeritus, Old Testament Language & Literature
      Dr. Yahya Kharrat, PhD (Kansas)

    Assistant Professor, Arabic
    Office Number and extension: 319c, ext. c/o 289
    Email:  ykharrat@uwo.ca

    Dr. Kharrat is an Assistant Professor of Arabic in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at UWO.  He received his PhD in Kansas. His areas of interest are: Arabic dialects, Arabic culture and literature, language testing and foreign language pedagogy.

    Courses taught 2016-17:
    Arabic 5260b (bachelor's number in process...)

    The Rev. Dr. Lizette Larson-Miller, BA, MA (St. John's University, Collegeville, Minnesota), PhD (Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA)

    Professor & Huron-Lawson Chair in Moral & Pastoral Theology
    Office and phone:  A223, ext. 272
    Email:  llarson3@uwo.ca

    Dr. Larson-Miller earned a BA in music, a Masters of Liturgical Studies before completing her PhD in Theology (History and Liturgical Theology).  Lizette comes to Huron from a position held since 1999 as Professor of Liturgy and Nancy and Michael Kachr Chair at Church Divinity School of the Pacific/Graduate Theological Union, while serving as the dean of the chapel.  In addition to a series of articles and book chapters, Lizette has written, The Sacrament of Anointing the Sick, Drenched in Grace:  Essays in Honor of Louis Weil (ed.), Medieval Liturgy:  A Book of Essays, and Contemporary Anglican Sacramental Theology (coming 2015).

    Courses taught 2016-17:
    Liturgics 5204a (Liturgical Theology)
    Liturgics 5221b (Rites of the Sick, Dying, & Dead)
    Liturgics 5301b (Liturgical Leadership)
    Religious Studies 1010f (Religion, Theology & Global Issues)


    Tracy Lemos, BA (Brown), PhD (Yale)

    Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near-Eastern Language and Literature
    Office and phone extension:  A219, ext. 258
    Email:  tlemos@uwo.ca

    A scholar of the Hebrew Bible, Tracy Lemos is a social and cultural historian specializing in ancient Israel and early Judaism. Her first book is entitled Marriage Gifts and Social Change in Ancient Palestine: 1200 BCE to 200 CE (Cambridge University Press). She is working on a second book on violence in ancient Israel and has written articles on such topics as shame and mutilation, genocide, Israelite purity, and gender and migration. These have appeared in the Journal of Biblical Literature, The Journal of Religion, Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, Biblical Interpretation, and elsewhere. She was previously an Assistant Professor at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.

    Courses taught 2016-17:
    Biblical Studies 5120b Religious Studies 2420G (Intro to Hebrew Bible)
    Biblical Studies 5310a/Religious Studies 2114a (Dead Sea Scrolls)
    Biblical Studies 5236b (Family, Sexuality, Gender)
    Theology 9514b  (Social-Science Theory of Religion)

    William Lupton, FGCM LTCL LRSM ACertCM ARCT HonFNCM

    Chapel Organist & Director of Music  
    Office & phone extension: A6, ext. 335
    Email: blupton@uwo.ca

    William Lupton is Chapel Organist and Director of Music at Huron, and Organist and Director of Music at St Martin-in-the-Fields, London. He is Immediate Past President of the Royal School of Church Music Canada and Chair of the Niagara-Huron Branch. He is advisor for the RSCM's A Voice for Life chorister program as well as Administrator and Chief Examiner for the RSCM Singing Awards.

    Courses taught 2016-17:
    Church Music 5222b  (Theory & Practice of Music)

    Darren Marks, BSc, MA (Toronto), DPhil (Oxford)

    Lecturer and Graduate Faculty
    Office & phone extension: A319b, ext. 279
    Email: dmarks@uwo.ca

    Dr. Darren C. Marks holds degrees in science and theology from the University of Toronto, University of Oxford and Friedrich Wilhelms Universitat (Bonn). He is the author of dozens of  articles in theology, religion, Jewish studies or philosophy and the author/editor of eight books. He has been a research fellow/scholar at Princeton, the Advanced Centre for Holocaust Studies in Washington DC, and the University of Oxford. Along with Gary Badcock, he directs the Centre for Public Theology, and is an associate editor for several academic journals. His present primary research interests are on Jewish-Christian Dialogue, Theology and Neuroscience/Consciousness, presentations of the Holocaust in Popular Media with the occasional foray into dramaturgy. He is also the head coach for the Stratford Fencing Club, technical coach for Western University and remains active in international fencing.

    Courses taught 2016-17:
    Pastoral Theology 5213b (Integrative Seminar)
    Religious Studies 2112F, 2228F, ( Spirituality-Old and New)
    Religious Studies 2113G, 2229G,( Modernity, Postmodernity and Religion)
    Religious Studies 3450G, (Judaism and the Holocaust)
    Theological Studies 3333f (Science & Religion)
    Theology 9512a (Theology in a Global Context)

    Ingrid Mattson, BA (Waterloo), PhD (Chicago)

    London & Windsor Community Chair in Islamic Studies
    Office and extension:  A227, ext. 269
    email:  imattson@uwo.ca

    Dr. Ingrid Mattson earned her PhD in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from the University of Chicago in 1999 and a BA in Philosophy and Fine Arts from the University of Waterloo, Ontario in 1987. Before coming to Huron, she founded the Islamic Chaplaincy program and was Director of the Macdonald Center for Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations at Hartford Seminary in Connecticut. She is the author of The Story of the Qur’an: Its History and Place in Muslim Life as well as numerous articles exploring Islamic ethics in contemporary Muslim communities. Dr. Mattson is an internationally recognized Islamic scholar. From 2006-2010, she served as President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA); she previously served two terms as Vice-President. Dr. Mattson is frequently consulted by media, government and civic organizations and has served as an expert witness.

    Courses taught 2016-17:

    Islamic Studies 2016-17 Poster

    Biblical Studies 5230b (New Scholarship in Qur'anic Studies)/Theology 9507b (Seminary in Qur'anic Studies--graduate #)
    Religious Studies 2620g, (Islamic Thought, Culture and Practice)
    Religious Studies 3130a (Islam & Politics)
    Religious Studies 3131a, (Spirituality of Muslim Women)
    Systematic Theology 5234b (Key Issues in Islamic Theology)

    Nick Meyer, PhD

    Assistant Professor, Hebrew & Greek Language
    Office and Extension:  A319c; ext. c/o 289
    Email: nmeyer5@huron.uwo.ca

    Courses taught 2016-17:

    Greek 5103a/RS 1029
    Greek 5104b/RS 1029
    Hebrew 5040a; Hebrew 1040a, ( Intro to Biblical Hebrew)
    Hebrew 5041b; Hebrew 1041b, ( Intro to Biblical Hebrew 2)


    The Rev. Bradley Morrison, BA (UWO), MDiv (Toronto-Emmanuel), MTS, MTh, DMin (Laurier-Waterloo Lutheran), RP (CRPO)

    Assistant Professor, Pastoral Theology
    Office & phone extension: A319a, ext. c/o 289
    Email: bmorri49@uwo.ca

    Brad Morrison is an ordained minister in The United Church of Canada.   He is a Registered Psychotherapist (College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario) specializing in marriage and family therapy (AAMFT clinical fellow) and pastoral care and counselling.  His doctoral studies included family systems theory, congregational dynamics, and spiritual care. He completed the AAMFT-accredited post-degree clinical program in marriage and family therapy.

    Brad's publications include Already Missional: Congregations as Community Partners. His research interests include congregation-community partnerships, missional development, and clergy workplace harassment.

    Courses taught 2016-17:
    Pastoral Theology 5230a, (Congregational Development/ Leadership)
    Pastoral Theology 5231a, (Pastoral Care and Counselling)
    Pastoral Theology 5330b  (Couple & Family Dynamics)
    Religious Education 5203b, (Intro to Christian Education)

    Jo Ann Silcox, MD, FRCP(c), MTS, M.Div. (UWO)

    Lecturer, Field Education
    Email: c/o srice@uwo.ca

    A retired psychiatrist after some 40 years, Jo Ann's passion lies in seeing the whole of the human story--spiritual, psychological, social and physical--behind both patient presentations and the literary works which comprise the Hebrew and Christian Testaments in their original languages and cultures. Jo Ann has also taught Biblical Studies in the Lay Certificate Program. Jo Ann is an active member of the United Church of Canada.

    Course taught in 2016-17:
    Field Education 5110a, ( Introduction to Ministry)


    Daniel A. Smith, BA (Waterloo), MRel (Wycliffe), PhD (U. of St. Michael's College)

    Associate Professor and Clark and Mary Wright Chair of New Testament Theology &
    Chair of Graduate Theology Program

    Office & phone extension: A225, ext. 287
    Email: dsmith89@uwo.ca

    Dan Smith teaches in the areas of New Testament and Christian Origins. His research focuses on the Synoptic Gospels, especially the Sayings Gospel Q. Dan is the author of several articles published in scholarly journals, most recently in Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses and the Catholic Biblical Quarterly. His second book, Revisiting the Empty Tomb: The Early History of Easter (Fortress Press, 2010) won the F. W. Beare Award from the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies and has recently appeared in French translation, as Nouvelle visite au tombeau vide: les premiers récits de Pâques (Cerf, 2013). Dan is a member of the Society for New Testament Studies and serves as the co-chair of the Q Section in the Society of Biblical Literature.

    Courses taught 2016-17:
    Biblical Studies 5110a, Religious Studies 2330F,(Intro to Bible as Scripture)
    Biblical Studies 5116b, Religious Studies 2124G, (The New Testament Writings)
    Biblical Studies 5220b
    /Theology 9000-level  (New Testament Theology)
    Religious Studies 3168f (Constructing Jesus)

    The Rev. Canon Greg Smith, BA, BEd, MDiv 

    Director of Field Education, Worship, Community & Formation
    Office and Phone Extension:  A218, ext. 251
    Email: gsmit@uwo.ca

    Courses taught 2016-17:
    Field Education 5110a, ( Intro to Ministry)
    Field Education 5211a, (Parish/ Community Practicum)
    Field Education 5212b, (Parish/ Community Practicum)
    Field Education 5222a
    Khadigha Tanashi, MA (Alfateh University), PhD (Cairo)

    Research Fellow

    John Thorp, BA (Trent), BPhil, DPhil (Oxford)

    Graduate Faculty
    Office & phone extension: TC437 (at UWO), (519) 661-2111, ext. 85767
    Email: jthorp@uwo.ca

    John Thorp studied at Upper Canada College, at Trent University, and at Oxford. His first academic appointment was at the University of Ottawa, wh ere he was chair of the Classics department. In 1992, he moved to UWO, wh ere he has been chair of the Philosophy department. His research bears mostly on ancient and late antique thought, chiefly on Aristotle and on his neoplatonic interpreters, though he has also written on the free will problem and its intersection with neurophysiology. In 2003, he was awarded UWO's Pleva Award for excellence in teaching. The Government of France has made him Chevalier dans l'ordre des palmes academiques. He is President of the Canadian Philosophical Association. John is an active member of the Anglican Church of Canada.

    The Rev. Canon Todd Townshend, BSc (Waterloo), MDiv (UWO-Huron); ThD (Toronto-Wycliffe)

    Dean of Theology
    Office & phone extension: A118, ext. 289
    Email: ttownshe@uwo.ca

    Todd is Canon Theologian for the Diocese of Huron. His current research is focused on "the sacramentality of preaching"--the relationship between liturgical preaching and sacramental grace. Related interests include: the theological interpretation of Scripture, preaching and doctrine, contemporary homiletical theory, and theologies of grace.

    Courses taught 2016-1:
    Homiletics 5204a, (Theology and Practice of Teaching)

      Dr. Murray Watson, BA, MDiv., PhD (Dublin, Ireland)

    Assistant Professor, Religious Studies
    Office and Extension number: A216, ext 292
    Email: murraywatsonathuron@gmail.com

    Dr. Murray Watson was ordained in 1996, and served from 1996 to 2013 as a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of London. He received his PhD in 2010 from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. He has taught a full range of Biblical Studies and ecumenical courses at St. Peter's Seminary, London. Since August 2013, he has been the Director of French Biblical programmes for the Ecce Homo Centre for Biblical Formation in Jerusalem, Israel.

    Courses taught, 2016-17:
    Religious Studies 1015G (Religion & Difference)
    Religious Studies 2130 (Living Religions--2nd term) (with William Acres)
    Religious Studies 2610g (Christian Thought, Culture & Practice)


    The Rev. G. Alistair Weir, MA, BD, PhD (Edinburgh)

    Professor Emeritus, New Testament Language & Literature
    Email: gweir@uwo.ca

    Ordained to the ministry of the Church of Scotland, Alistair has taught Greek and New Testament studies in universities in Scotland, Africa, and America as well as at Huron. He is a member of the Society for New Testament Studies and has collaborated in the International Greek New Testament Project.

  • Licentiate in Theology (LTh) & Non-credit Studies/Events

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    Deepen your knowledge, by taking our new pre-degree program.

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  • Mission Statement & Mandate

  • The mission of the Faculty of Theology is to provide theological education of the highest standards through its undergraduate, professional, and graduate degree programs, and through its non-degree and continuing education programs.

    All academic programs in the Faculty of Theology form and empower leaders to serve faith communities, the university, and society in Canada and abroad by preparing them to be resourceful, adaptable, compassionate, informed, imaginative, and generous people.

    Building on these foundations, each Faculty of Theology degree program has distinct purposes and desired outcomes:

    Huron’s Bachelor of Theology program promotes educational excellence in theology and religious studies, while complementing Huron’s other programs in Arts and Social Science.

    Huron’s Master of Theological Studies program provides postbaccalaureate professional education to people of diverse faith traditions, preparing them for positions of leadership and responsibility in society.

    Huron’s Master of Divinity program fosters a knowledge and love of God, personal, spiritual, and vocational development, and the competencies needed for faithful and creative leadership in the churches of the Anglican Communion, churches of other denominations, and in a variety of other ministry settings.

    Huron’s Master of Arts (Theology), as a program located in Western’s School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, is dedicated to excellence in graduate education, providing advanced knowledge in theology and related fields, fostering intellectual curiosity, and enabling research to the benefit of society.

    Revised January 2015
  • 2015-18 Faculty of Theology Academic Plan

  • At its September 2015 meeting, the Faculty of Theology Committee approved a new academic plan to guide the future of the Faculty of Theology at Huron and supporting the five primary goals from our larger Strategic Plan, "Critically Engaged":

    1. Focus on Student Engagement and Advantage
    2. Emphasize Critical Thinking
    3. Increase Public Awareness
    4. Mobilize Alumni Support
    5. Safeguard our Future

    2015-2018 Faculty of Theology Academic Plan