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Founded in 1979, the main responsibility of Huron University College Foundation Trustees is to receive, invest and manage the endowment of the Foundation and to manage the funds held in trust for Huron University College.

The Huron University College Foundation meets twice a year, in May and December, and has three standing committees. The Board of Directors establishes terms of reference and duties for each standing committee.

  • Investment Committee

  • The primary function of the Investment Committee is to implement the principles and policies of the Foundation as articulated in the Huron University College Foundation Investment Committee

    Statement of Investment Guidelines and Practices

  • Audit Committee

  • The primary functions of the Audit Committee are to assist the Board of Trustees with its oversight role with respect to the annual budget of the Foundation, the annual audited financial statements, compliance with regulatory requirements, the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls and the qualifications, independence and performance of the Foundation's external auditor. In addition, the committee will receive internally prepared quarterly financial statements.

  • Nominating Committee

  • The primary function of the Nominating Committee is to identify and solicit new Foundation trustees. The Foundation has 21 trustees, including three ex-officio members. The committee also identifies and solicits community members to serve on the Investment Committee who are not Trustees.