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The Huron University College experience is designed to help you build the foundation and develop skills you need to succeed wherever your dreams may take you. You are an active part of the experience.

  • Academic Advising for Master's Students


  • Keeping track of your degree progress:  MDiv map; MTS map

    Last Day to Add a First-term (fall) course: 
    Friday, September 14, 2018
    Last Day to Drop a First-term (fall) course:  Monday November 12, 2018
    Last Day to Add a Second-term course:  To be announced
    Last Day to Drop a Second-term course or Full-year Course: To be announced

    Intent to Register Deadline:  March 31, 2019  (tentative)​​
    All returning students should complete the online Intent to Register.  Details are here.

    Where Do I Go for Advice?

    If you have questions about the progression of your degree, feel free to contact the following for advice:
    For Bachelor's-level: see Academic Advisors

    For Master's-level in person: Faculty of Theology Office (room A225, srice@uwo.ca, or ext. 289)

    For MDiv & MTS Timetables:  see here.

    For Course Registration:  Registration packages will go out to current students in summer who completed the Intent to Register process and to new students.  You'll want to look at the requirements for your degree (select from left-hand menu) and choose your courses based on that. 

    You can also use a Map of your degree (MDiv, MTS), fill in your already completed courses, and see easily what is left over to be taken.  Do not hesitate to ask for assistance/confirmation from the Theology office.

    For Bachelor's Timetables in Theology & Religious Studies, see here.

    For MDiv/MTS online links, see here.

    Plagiarism/Academic Offences Policy, see here.

    For graduate Master of Arts (Theology) online links, see here.  Graduate MA students see the Graduate Assistant in the Faculty of Theology office or srice@uwo.ca.

    Medical Absence Doctors' Form
    Medical Absence Policy and Doctor's Form to be completed can be found at the bottom of the Student Services page at UWO.

    Course Cancellations
    If a class is cancelled for the day, and there is time to post the cancellation, it will be posted in the Accessibility section, here

    Your Academic Record:  Student Centre (choose "academic summary")

    MDiv/MTS/MA Links

    Suggested First-year Courses for MDiv/MTS
    For a sample of what your first-year registration in theology could look like, please see the following links.  Your goal is to complete courses which are prerequisite to upper year courses.

    MDiv First-year courses  "What Would My First-Year Courses Look Like?"
    MTS First-year courses     "What Would My First-Year Courses Look Like?"

    Degree Required Courses
    MTS Degree Outline/Required Courses  "Degree Synopsis & Course Requirements"
    MTS Degree Map to print out and follow your own degree

    MDiv Degree Outline/Required Courses    "Degree Synopsis & Course Requirements"
    Transcultural Learning Experience
    MDiv Degree Map to print out and follow your own degree

    MA Degree Outline/Required Courses   "Degree Synopsis & Course Requirements"
    MA Degree Full-time timeline
    MA Degree Part-time timeline

    Independent Study courses, (MDiv/MTS) policy and form

    Taking Courses at Toronto School of Theology schools

    Letter of Permission, taking courses at other universities (non-TST), (bring the form with a course outline of the course you wish to take, to the Faculty of Theology office, for consideration, well in advance of the add/drop deadline.)

    Official Academic Calendar for MDiv/MTS (outlines the degrees, courses, academic rules and regulations) 

    Calendar of Events, first draft 2018-19

    Petitions and Appeals
    Ultimately, you're responsible for completing your degree as outlined in the calendar under which you entered.

    is a request that regulations be waived on compassionate grounds or because of extenuating circumstances. Deadlines apply for some petitions. Apply promptly. (see Theology Office for deadlines and process).

    is a request that a grade on a particular piece of work, or a final standing in a course or program be changed on grounds relating to the accuracy or fairness of the mark assigned--grounds or evidence to be provided by the individual appealing. Must be filed within 6 weeks of the date of issuance of the report of the evaluation, term assignment, or grade. (see Academic Calendar for deadlines and process). 

  • Info for Current Theology Students

  • As a current/new student in the Faculty of Theology, you'll find below helpful and important reminders about upcoming deadlines and events. Keep checking this page for new information!

    Please click here.
  • Career Development

  • We are pleased to offer all students access to career development services and resources. We are committed to helping you identify and achieve both short and long term goals by helping you develop effective resumes, prepare for interviews, clarify career goals, and develop effective strategies for networking.

  • Community-Based Learning

  • The Huron Community-Based Learning Office supports Huron's mission of "combining rigorous learning with the exploration of new territory" by connecting the classroom to the community, and the community to the classroom.

    Through Community-Based Learning (CBL), students have an opportunity to participate in independent study with forms of active learning. CBL enables our students to overcome the real and imagined boundaries that conventionally appear to divide the academy from the community.


  • Class Cancellations/Service Disruptions

  • For Class Cancellations and Office Closures/Service Disruptions, please see the right-hand column of this page.

  • Student Life and Housing

  • Welcome!!  

    You are about to embark on an incredible adventure and I want to welcome you to a unique living and learning environment: the Huron community. The Huron community is a very close family and some of the friends you will make during your first year in residence will last a lifetime.

    The Student Life Centre and the Residence Life Staff strive to provide you with a safe and congenial living environment that will assist you in reaching your full potential both academically and personally. This is a new phase in your life and living away from home for the first time can be a little overwhelming. This is where the Residence Life Staff comes in. Talk to your Don - they are extremely well trained and remember, they have been there themselves. Your Don is a fantastic resource and is there to help you.

    I look forward to welcoming you to Huron on September 3 and hope you have a terrific first-year. Take advantage of this opportunity: learn and have fun!


    Housing & Organizational Services
  • International Opportunities

  • At Huron, you will benefit from a small and supportive campus community connected to other organizations across the world. Huron hosts students from 29 countries and has partners across 5 continents in over 15 countries.
  • Parents

  • Welcome Parents!

    Parents are a big part of the Huron community and we welcome your involvement.

    Several resources will help you get to know Huron and keep you connected to campus life.