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Requests for Academic Accommodation for Course Evaluations Greater or Equal to 10% of Your Final Grade

Medical Accommodation Policy

The University recognizes that a student’s ability to meet his/her academic responsibilities may, on occasion, be impaired by medical illness. Illness may be acute (short term), or it may be chronic (long term), or chronic with acute episodes. The University further recognizes that medical situations are deeply personal and respects the need for privacy and confidentiality in these matters. However, in order to ensure fairness and consistency for all students, academic accommodation for work representing 10% or more of the student’s overall grade in the course shall be granted only in those cases where there is documentation indicating that the student was seriously affected by illness and could not reasonably be expected to meet his/her academic responsibilities.

​View Policy on Accommodation for Medical Reasons here.

How to Request Academic Accommodation

  1. Review OWL page or course outline for notes regarding accommodation. Academic Advising can recommend accommodation only for course evaluations worth 10% or greater. 

  2. Complete an Accommodation Request Form

  3. Obtain the appropriate documentation that will support your request. Please consult the table below:  

    Reason for Accommodation Examples Acceptable Documentation
    Medical Reasons
    • Illness
    • Surgery
    • Mental Health Concerns
    • Hospitalizations

    Student Medical Certificate

    *the dates on the documentation
    mustmatch the dates
    of the accommodation request

    Varsity Athletics Student is missing a course evaluation
    due to their varsity athletics obligations
    Intercollegiate Athletics Program
    Commitment Verification Form
    Religious Accommodation
    • Religious celebration or observances
    • Religious celebration or observance is found in Multicultural Calendar
    • Letter from Spiritual advisor
      outlining the commitment with clear dates
    Test/Exam Direct Conflict Two exams that are scheduled simultaneously
    • Printed course syllabus
    • Print screens of OWL website with dates and times
    Test/Exam: Multiple Exam Situation
    • 3 or more exams/mid-year tests scheduled within23 hours;
    • 4 or more exams/mid-year tests scheduled within47 hours; or
    • 5 or more exams/mid-year tests scheduled within71 hours.

    Click here for additional information.

    • Exam Schedule
    Compassionate Considerations
    • Death in family
    • Obituary
    • Death certificate
    • Funeral Program (with dates)

  4. Documentation can be submitted to the Student Support Services office or emailed to huronsss@uwo.ca.

  5. An automated message will be sent to yourself and your instructor(s) regarding the need for accommodation.

  6. Contact your instructor as soon as possible to discuss the details of your accommodations.

    Accommodations can take the form of a make-up test/exam, re-weighing of evaluations, or an extension of deadlines

  7. If you have arranged academic accommodation with Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), please complete a Makeup Exam Request form and return it to Student Central, Room 1120 Western Student Services Building or Wemple Building Room W160 for King's students.​

Accommodation Requests Academic Advising CANNOT Support
  • Family vacations

  • Flight or travel arrangements

If your request for Accommodation does not fall under one of the reasons that Academic Advising can support. Please speak with your instructor directly. Your instructor is not obligated to accommodate, any accommodation is at the instructor's discretion.

  • Requests for Accommodation for Final Exams

    1. Please complete all the steps required for Requests for Accommodations for Course Evaluations Worth 10% or More.

    2. Complete and acquire all the required signatures for a ​Recommendation for a Special Exam​ form.