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Exams can be stressful but with good preparation, you can be successful during the Exam Period. These FAQ's provide a few study tips as well as what to do if you miss your exam.

Note: Remember to bring your Student ID card to the exam and to double-check the exam time and location.

  • Help! This is my first set of exams what do I do?

  • Stay calm.  If you have attended classes and kept up on the readings you are already in a good position to do well on the exam.  Make a study plan.  Determine when you will study and which subject.  Is one subject more difficult than others?  Plan to allot more study time to that subject.
    Keep in mind how you study.  Do you study best in quiet?  With others around you?  In a group?  While moving around?  Try to incorporate how you study best into your plan.  Research shows taking short breaks (e.g. after 50 min. of studying) can help with retention of material.  

    During the year Learning Skills Services offers sessions on Managing Test Stress, Writing Multiple Choice and more.  These sessions are part of your tuition and could provide you with some helpful tips.  They offer handouts and advice on exam preparation.    The library also houses books on study skills that may be useful.

  • What are reasons for missing an exam?

  • Students who miss an exam can be accommodated for medical, religious and compassionate grounds (death in the family). Missing a final exam is a serious situation and requires students to submit documentation to support their absence. You can find more information about Huron's requirements and policies at Academic Accommodation.

    Travel is not a reason to miss an exam.  Do not schedule holidays, vacations, etc. during the entire exam period.  If your exam falls on a date that conflicts with a religious tradition you must notify the Academic Advising office at least two weeks in advance of the exam.
  • What happens if I miss an exam?

    1. If you are unable to write a final exam as scheduled, you must meet with an Academic Advisor within five days to request permission to write a Special Examination.
    2. Be sure to notify your professor that you will be unable to write the exam at its originally scheduled time.
    3. Be prepared to provide written documentation to your Academic Advisor that verifies the reason that you are unable to write the exam as scheduled.
    4. Provided that your documentation is appropriate, your Academic Advisor will complete a Recommendation for a Special Examination Form.
    5. Your instructor must sign the Recommendation for a Special Examination Form. If the course is on another campus, the Department Chair will also need to sign the form.You are then to return it to an Academic Advisor for final approval before the special exam date.
    6. You must make these arrangements within five (5) business days of the missed exam so that you do not miss a scheduled makeup exam.


  • What is a Special Exam?

  • A Special Examination is any exam other than the regularly scheduled exam or Supplemental Exam. A Special Exam may be offered only with the permission of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and in consultation with the course instructor and Department Chair. Permission for a Special Exam starts in the Academic Advising Office. Proper documentation is required prior to an appointment with an Academic Advisor.  Special exams are normally written no later than one month after the end of the examination period.
  • Final Exam Make-up Procedure

  • Please be aware of the following procedures regarding make-up examinations at Huron University College. Requests for a make-up exam are granted only on medical, religious, or compassionate grounds.

    The make-up exam day Huron courses for the April Final Exam period is Monday, May 8, 2017. Exams will start at 9 a.m. [Students with two exams will write the second at 1p.m.].  There are separate dates for Brescia, King's and Western courses. 

    How to request a make-up exam:

    1.  Obtain documentation to support your absence.

    MedicalDownload the Student Medical Certificate formHave the form completed by a physician. You have five days after the exam date has passed to turn in medical documentation, but be sure to see your doctor on the day you are ill, and not afterwards..

    ReligiousRead the policy for Exam Accommodation based on Religious Grounds. Documentation is not necessarily needed, but you do need to follow these steps two weeks before the exam

    Compassionate: These are extra-ordinary circumstances beyond your control; death in the family, immediate family member gravely ill, court appearance, house fire, etc. Suitable documentation includes: death certificate, link to an obituary, court documents, insurance papers.

    2.  Take your documentation to  Student Support Services (W 45). The Advisor will fill out a "Recommendation for Special Exam form".


    3.  Take the Special Exam form provided by the Academic Advisor to the course instructor for signature. By signing the form, the instructor agrees to set the exam. [Please note: The signature of the instructor can take the form of an e-mail message indicating agreement with the relief sought, to be attached to the form that is returned to Student Support Services.] 

    4.  Return the Special Exam form to Student Support Services, W 45. If no form has been received back, signed, the student’s name will not go on the list of those allowed to sit the make-up exam.

    The following reasons for missing an exam are not accommodated through Academic Advising.
    - you booked a flight and are not able to make the date of the exam because you won't be in London
    - your family booked a vacation and you'd like to join them
    - your summer job starts early
    - you forgot, you slept in, you wrote down the wrong room, etc.

    It is at your professor's discretion to grant a make-up exam for these reasons. Your professor will have to set the date and find a place for you to write. Your professor is under no obligation to accommodate your absence for reasons outside the official policy.