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We are now sold out of parking permits for both Huron and Western students.

The safety of our community is vital. Please do not park in Fire Routes at any time.

Parking at Huron:
​Huron offers two parking areas for students and guests coming to campus. Monday through Friday the Student Lot requires a pre-purchased parking permit and card to enter, available only through online application.  Complimentary parking is ONLY offered in this lot from Friday beginning at 7:00 p.m. through to Monday morning ending at 3:00 a.m.  If you have misplaced your parking permit or card, you will be required to use the Pay and Display lot, and obtain a new permit from the Parking Office.

Reserved Parking:
Reserved parking at Huron requires a Permit to park in this area. Tickets purchased from the Pay and Display meter are not valid in the reserved parking area, refunds will not be issued and you will be subject to a $70 fine

Pay and Display, now with Honk Mobile!

All persons parking a vehicle in the Pay and Display area are required to purchase a ticket.  Tickets are $3/hour and the machine takes credit or exact cash.  Please follow the instructions from the machine.  A ticket will be printed and must be displayed face up on the dashboard of the vehicle.  Please note the Pay and Display Meter does not give change or offer refunds once money has been inserted.

If you would prefer, Huron now offers HonkMobile in its Pay and Display lot. 
HonkMobile recently expanded its coverage at Western University to include all campus metered parking, and allows students, staff and visitors to pay for and top up parking directly from their smartphone, tablet or computer. No paper slip goes in the car windshield - the app seamlessly passes the paid license plates to parking enforcement. Users simply click, pay, and walk away.  The app sends a 15-minute reminder before the parking is set to expire and allows users to add more time to their session remotely.

To use HonkMobile, download the app available at honkmobile.com, the App store or Google Play. You will need to set up an account.

 Honk FAQ's

 All Pay and Display parking is on a first-come-first-serve basis and it is not possible to reserve or guarantee a spot.  All paid parking, whether using the receipt machine or HonkMobile, are only valid in Pay and Display parking areas.

The Pay and Display/Reserved Parking is a monitored lot, and does not offer complimentary parking on evenings or weekends.  Any vehicle parked without proper payment, or in a Reserved spot without a permit, or parked outside a legal parking spot will be subject to a fine according to Western Parking regulations.  If the Pay and Display lot is full, you must select a different lot on campus to park legally in.

Huron University College assumes no responsibility for damage or loss to vehicles or contents, however caused, while parking on Huron property.

Terms and Conditions:

Anyone parking at Huron must abide by the current
terms and conditions.