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The Outgoing Exchange Application Deadline has been extended to February 1st! Please contact Robyn at huronexchange@uwo.ca if you would like more information regarding Exchanges!

Outgoing Exchange: Huron students going to another country for one semester or one full year. 

Participating in the exchange program is an excellent way to:

• Gain a different perspective on your studies

• Improve your language skills or learn a new language

• Develop problem-solving and adaptability skills

• Expand your personal and professional network by meeting faculty, staff, students, and employers outside of your community

• Develop transferable skills that can be beneficial to your career.

• Travel and experience different cultures

Huron has exchange agreements with universities in Austria, Belize, China, France, Japan, Korea, Malta, Mexico, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. In addition to Huron’s exchange programs, our students have access to all of the resources and agreements provided through Western’s main campus International and Exchange Student Office.

The experience of another culture and country is enriching academically, personally and professionally. It is strongly recommended for all students! Huron has exchange agreements with universities in Austria, Belize, China, France, Japan, Korea, Malta, Mexico, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. In addition to Huron’s exchange programs, our students have access to all of the resources and agreements provided through Western’s International and Exchange Student Office.

Students who wish to study at a university that Huron or Western do not have an exchange agreement with can do so through the letter of permission process. The student applies to the school independently and works with an Academic Advisor to approve his/her course selection for credit towards their Huron degree.

Forms for Outgoing Exchange Students:
Student Checklist 2016
Exchange Application Form 2016
Course Approval Form 2016
Travel Waiver
Acknowledgement of Assumption of Risk and Waiver-2016
Emergency Contacts 2016
Information Permission Release 2016

  • How it works

  • Students are eligible to participate in an exchange for one full year or one semester, preferably during their third year of study.  However, you must be returning to full-time studies after your exchange:  you cannot go on exchange in your final semester. Application for exchanges takes place in the academic year preceding the exchange year. While on exchange, you earn credits at the host institution that apply towards your Huron degree. Exchange students pay tuition to Huron. Your extra costs come from airfare and living expenses.


    If you want to on an exchange starting in September of your 3rd year, a general timeline would be:

    • November of your 2nd year: Attend an exchange information session, start your research
    • January of your 2nd year: Fill out the application form, due in the 2nd week
    • Mid-February of 2nd year: You find out if you have been accepted to go on exchange. If accepted, Huron nominates you to the university you have selected
    • March of your 2nd year: Complete the application to the university you have selected; apply for scholarships; start the study visa process
    • April – June of your 2nd year: meet with your professors and academic advisors to select courses
    • September of your 3rd year: go on exchange! Be sure to order official transcripts to be sent to Huron before you leave to return to Canada!
    • June – August before your 4th year: meet with your academic advisor to ensure you get credit for the courses you took and to select your 4th year courses.
    • September of your 4th year: Submit a reflection on your experience to the Coordinator of Student Mobility

    Be sure to keep in touch while you are on exchange! Check your UWO email account regularly! Join the Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/huronoutgoingexchange/) and update it with information for other students on exchange, as well as photos from your experience!

  • Selection Criteria

  • Students generally must have a 70% cumulative average before they go on exchange.  Students who do not meet the minimum academic criteria can still apply.  Preference will be given to qualified students registered at Huron University College and to students who will be returning to study at Huron following the exchange, but Western, Brescia & Kings students are also eligible to apply for a Huron exchange.

    Students must also be in good academic & financial standing. A student with an academic offense record or who owes tuition or fees will not normally be considered for an exchange. In addition, students must demonstrate how they will benefit from the exchange and be a good Huron ambassador while on exchange.


  • Financial obligations

  • • Students pay tuition and ancillary fees to Huron. (For some exchanges, students also pay residence and meal plan fees to Huron)
    • Students pay for all expenses required to go on exchange: visa fees, obtaining a passport, ordering transcripts, Huron program fee, and travel & medical insurance.
    • Students are personally responsible for travel costs to and from the host university, additional travel, and living costs (usually housing, food, etc.)

    Students are encouraged to fund their participation in the exchange program early and from various sources, i.e. part-time and summer jobs, scholarships. Students eligible for OSAP and who are receiving a Huron scholarship can apply it to their exchange. Students can also apply for bursaries and scholarships to fund their studies abroad.
  • Outgoing Exchange - Huron Scholarships Available

  • The Patricia Boucher Memorial Travel Grant
    (Huron students on exchange programs in France or elsewhere in Europe)

    A fund is established in memory of Patricia Boucher, an exchange student from Universite de Versailles Saint-Quentin, through the generous contributions of her family and the many friends she made among the students at Huron University College. It is intended to assist a student with travel expenses associated with the Huron/Universite de Versailles (St. Quentin) exchange program. If there is no student on exchange at Versailles, the travel grant may be used to assist Huron University College students travelling to other exchange programs in Europe (including Great Britain). If no Huron student is eligible, the grant may assist a Versailles student on exchange at Huron University College, or from any other European university in the absence of a student from Versailles.

    The Hugh B. and Dorothy Rooney International Travel Grant

    This fund is established in memory of Hugh and Dorothy Rooney, two long-time friends and members of the Huron University College community. It is intended to assist a third-year student with the added expenses incurred in a program of study abroad. Students in other years may be considered if no third-year student is eligible.

    The Nancy and Keith Sumner Fund for International Studies

    This fund is established by Nancy and Keith Sumner active supporters of Huron University College to assist students undertaking programs of study in one of Huron's exchange partner universities, or on study abroad. It is intended to assist students with the added expenses incurred in studying abroad.

    The Scotiabank Fund for International Education

    This fund was established in 2007 to enable Huron students to participate in international exchanges and special international programs, such as Huron in Honduras. Preference for student support grants paid from the Scotiabank Fund for International Education will be given to students based on their financial need in programs located in Latin America, Mexico or the Caribbean.

    The Scotiabank Fund for International Education will support Huron's international initiatives. These initiatives include support for Huron students with financial need, to enable them to participate in international exchanges and special international programs such as Huron in Honduras; and funding to enhance support services offered by Huron to our international students, in order to ensure their success in their Canadian studies. These services include advising and peer mentoring as well as supplementary instruction in writing English for academic purposes.  

    Application Process to Apply for a Huron Grant

    To apply, you must be a full-time Huron student and submit the following:

    1) 500 word essay
    • Where you are going and what you will be studying
    • How this international study experience will promote your academic, personal, and professional development
    • Explain your financial situation and constraints

    2) Budget
    • Expenses: travel, accommodations, food, books, miscellaneous, etc.
    • Income: OSAP received, scholarships, bursaries, grants, student credit line, employment income, any anything else that helps you pay for school and living costs

    3) Deadline: March 31st, 2017

    Submit your application to the attention of:

    Trudy Button
    Coordinator, Student Mobility
    Location: Student Support Services
    E-mail: huronexchange@uwo.ca

    External Opportunities

    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore: 
    TF LEaRN @ NTU
  • Exchange Application Process

  • Information sessions for students interested in going on exchange in 2017-18 will be held during International Week (November 21-25)

    The information sessions are:
    Monday November 21st / 11:30 - 12:30 / Room W6
    Tuesday November 22nd / 1:30 - 2:30 / Room W112

    The deadline to submit your application is Friday January 13th. Start putting your application package together now - don't wait until after the information sessions!

    Students must submit an application package via e-mail or in-person in the student support services office. Application packages should be addressed to: Trudy Button, Coordinator, Student Mobility.

    The application package includes:
    Application Form 
    • Two (2) reference letters one (1) must be from a Huron professor and the other one can be from another professor or employer.  * For a language exchange, it must be from a language professor.  
    • A 250 word statement outlining why you are a good candidate for the exchange program and how you will benefit from it
    • A copy of your resume
    • A copy of your Huron Online Statement of Account showing your tuition and fee payments are up-to-date. This can be printed from HERE. After logging in, please click on "Print Statement of Account". You must be in good financial standing to be considered for an exchange
    • Payment of the $25 program fee by internet banking, certified cheque, money order or paid directly to our finance office W37

  • Acceptance Stage


  • Students will find out if they have been accepted by mid February.

    Students will need to submit the confirmation of acceptance package by the first Friday in March.  

    The confirmation package includes:

    Acknowledgement of Assumption of Risk and Waiver
    Exchange Contract
    Emergency Contact Form
    Permission to Release Information Form
    Course Approval Form (Due to the availability of course calendars, we do not expect you to have a fully confirmed list of courses. For non-language exchanges, the Huron International Office requests that students submit a list of 10 courses that they want to take while on exchange)  
    • Payment of the $125 program fee by internet banking, certified cheque, or money order (NO personal cheques or cash)
    • Availability for the mandatory pre-departure orientation session held in March
    • Please remember that all tuition and fees MUST be paid to Huron prior to your departure. The exception to this is if you are paying by OSAP. However, you need to apply to OSAP before the OSAP application deadline. OSAP should come directly to Huron.

  • Applying to Host Institution

  • The Huron International Office will submit your nomination to the exchange partner in mid-February.  You will also need to submit an application to your host institution and complete VISA requirements.  Both Huron and your host institution will help you with this process between March and June as deadlines and processes vary depending upon your host institution.  Final acceptance is at the discretion of the exchange partner.

    Many applications are now submitted on-line but if a paper copy needs to be sent then we can courier this for you to ensure delivery.
  • List of Exchange Partners

  • For a complete list of Exchange Partners, Click Here
  • Pre-departure Orientation

  • Attendance at the pre-departure orientation session is mandatory.  Students who do not complete the session will have their acceptance revoked.   This session is a fun and informative way to help you prepare for your exchange.  Topics discussed include: academic requirements and expectations, health and safety, culture shock, budgeting, scholarships, and emergency protocols.

    To help us cover all the topics necessary you will be required to have completed the two pre-departure UWO workshops on OWL prior to attending this workshop and have submitted the pdf files confirming your completion of the tests.  This is also an opportunity to submit your final paperwork for your application.
  • Health & Travel Insurance

  • Students are encouraged to purchase insurance in addition to their UHIP/OHIP coverage. The Government of Canada has great information on what type of insurance you need and why you should purchase additional travel insurance. More information can be found here and here.