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Summer Study Abroad

Huron has formal exchange agreements with universities around the world. International exchanges provide unique opportunities to include a term or a full year of study abroad as part of your undergraduate studies.

For students who prefer a shorter time abroad, summer study abroad programs provide another opportunity ​to live and study in another country. Several of Huron's exchange partner universities offer short-term programs during the summer months:

  • Summer Study Abroad and Course-Based Study Abroad - Scholarships Available

  • Huron's generous supporters have provided funding for students who wish to participate in study abroad opportunities. 

    The Karen Prieur Volunteer Service Fund

    Established in 2005 by Huron alumna Karen Prieur, who has served as a Trustee on the Huron University College Foundation, this fund provides support for the volunteer service program, in which Huron students work with primary school students both at home and abroad to promote literacy and improve local communities. Support includes the ‘Huron in Honduras’ project in which Huron students travel to Honduras to assist local communities.

    The Janet Stewart Volunteer Service Fund

    Established in 2004 by Ms. Janet Stewart, a longtime friend of the College who has served on the Executive Board and Corporation, this fund supports volunteer service projects of the College. Past support has been provided to the ‘Huron in Honduras’ project in which Huron students travel to Honduras to assist local communities.

    The Waugh Family Volunteer Service Fund

    This was established by Rick Waugh in 2009 to support Huron students in their volunteer activities, ranging from work with primary school students both at home and abroad to promote literacy, and with NGOs abroad to improve local communities. Huron students are benefited from the experience themselves as they become young adults and prepare for future positions of responsibility and citizenship.

    Application Process to Apply for a Huron Volunteer Service Fund

    To apply, you must be a full-time Huron student and submit the following:

    1) 500 word essay
    • Where you are going and what you will be studying
    • How this international study experience will promote your academic, personal, and professional development
    • Explain your financial situation and constraints

    2) Budget
    • Expenses: travel, accommodations, food, books, miscellaneous, etc.
    • Income: OSAP received, scholarships, bursaries, grants, student credit line, employment income, any anything else that helps you pay for school and living costs

    Submit your application to the attention of:

    Trudy Button
    Coordinator, Student Mobility
    Location: Student Support Services
    E-mail: huronexchange@uwo.ca
  • United Kingdom - The Bader International Study Centre at Herstmonceux Castle

  • Spend a semester studying in a fifteenth-century English castle!

    Huron University College has partnered with Queens University in Kingston, Ontario to offer upper year students the opportunity to study at the Bader International Study Centre (BISC), which is located at Herstmonceux Castle.

    Students travel to BISC from all over the world. Huron students who have completed at least one full year of undergraduate studies can study in the Fall, Winter, or Summer term. Students travelling in the Fall or Winter term take 5 courses. Courses are available in Arts, Commerce, Cultural Studies, Psychology, International Politics and Humanities.

    Summer at BISC is a 6-week program where students take 3 courses. Courses are available in Engineering, Global Health & Disabilities, Medieval Theatre Studies, and Archaeology.

    Classes are held from Monday - Thursday. Fridays & Saturdays are reserved for experiential learning trips. Students who are taking 5 courses can expect to take 12-15 of these trips during their semester abroad. All trips are covered as part of the course fees you pay.

    Tuition is paid to Queens. Fall & Winter tuition is $18,500CDN. Summer tuition ranges from $4000 - $9000CDN, depending on the program you take. This includes tuition, residence, meals & field trips. Students are responsible for their flights/transportation and any insurance, including health insurance.

    Application deadlines: Fall - July 31; Winter - November 15; Summer - March 15

    Two new programs have just been added! Winter semesters of study in International Politics and Psychology are now available!

    For more information:

    Upper Year Programs
    Admission Requirements
    Apply Now
  • France - Université Catholique de Lille


  • In 2016, Université Catholique de Lille celebrated 15 years of the European Summer Program (ESP). More than 280 students from 16 countries participated. This 4-week program provides opportunities to take enriching courses, participate in field trips & dinners, and form friendships that will last a lifetime.

    Coursework offered includes French language, Liberal Arts, Business, Intercultural Communication and French Gastronomy. In addition to classroom instruction, students enjoyed visits to world class art museums, historical monuments, manufacturing facilities, courts of law, renewable energy sources, and entrepreneurial incubators.

    There are 2 dates for the 2017 European Summer Program:
    May 30 - June 23rd
    June 27th - July 21st

    More information can be found here.

    New this year Lille has added a short 2 week program

    Lille Short Programs are two-week programs designed to give students a unique academic and cultural experience, local and regional tours and opportunities to socialize with French students. complete with group dinners, Classes are kept small (10-20 students) in order to enhance and personalize the learning experience, and are open to students of any university or nationality. We offer a full hospitality package, adaptable upon request (with or without accommodation, with or without Paris weekend)
    The programs offer:
    -           French language courses in the mornings (c. 18 hours)
    -          complemented by an Intercultural Communication study component (c. 2 hours)
    -          and academic courses taught in English utilizing the University’s expertise in Humanities, Business, Management, and more. Students can choose from four fields of study (c. 25 hours):
    ·         Introduction to France and Europe: Lille’s location at the heart of Europe in northern France, close to Brussels, London and Paris, makes it a perfect location from which to study both France and Europe – their history, culture, politics and more.
    ·         Business and Management in Europe: learn about the European economy and about trade in France and Belgium.
    ·         “Visualising ‘Flanders’”: examine a sampling of the rich artistic heritage of Flanders in its historical and physical context, from paintings to fictional films.
    ·         French language and culture: conversation classes in the afternoons with cultural visits, in addition to the morning language classes.
    For this spring, the students will be welcome from 24 April to 07 May 2017.
    Please find a detailed brochure with course content for study abroad advisors and staff and faculty members, as well as student poster
  • Quebec - Trois Pistoles

  • Huron students studying French can participate in Western's Trois Pistoles program. Please visit the Western website for more information. Course approvals are done through your Department Chair.

    Some students also choose to complete summer courses offered in Montreal or Quebec. If you wish to receive credit, these courses need to be approved through your Department Chair. A Letter of Permission (LOP) is also required.
  • Japan - Kobe University


  • Kobe University is happy to accept one student from Huron to join them as a summer student the application process and documents are as follows:

    About the Program

    Invitation Letter

    Application Form

    Written Oath

    If you are interested in participating in this experience please contact huron exchange
  • Japan - Kwansei Gakuin


  • The Summer 2017 Intensive Japanese and Language Cultural Program with be held from July 19th - August 5th, 2017.

    This program provides students the opportunity to learn more about local culture. More than a hundred students participate each year. In addition to learning the Japanese language, students can take part in various hands-on cultural experiences such as calligraphy, flower arrangement, sumo wrestling, Japanese archery and more!

    Applications will be accepted from April 10 - May 22, 2017. Please apply directly to Huron's Coordinator, Student Mobility.

    More information can be found in this brochure or on this website