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Leadership and Professional Development (LPD) Program

The LPD Program will help you to move from classroom to career and is open to all Huron students.

You will take the skills and knowledge that you have acquired in your courses and put them into practice through a series of workshops, speaking events, and programming that will prepare you for a professional career upon graduation.
All workshops offered as part of the LPD certificate are open to all Huron students, you do not need to be officially signed up in the program to participate. If you are interested in taking part in the LPD Program or would like more information, please contact the Coordinator, Careers and Internships for more information.
  • How do I earn the certificate?


  • Although the LPD Program is being updated, Huron students in their 4th year who are pursuing their Certificate will be able to fulfill remaining workshop requirements. These students are encouraged to speak with the Coordinator, Careers & Internships to develop a plan for this option. 

    The Coordinator, Careers & Internships will determine eligibility for receipt of the LPD Certificate.  

    The LPD certificate will be awarded by and on the recommendation of the Executive Board of the HUC Corporation. The LPD certificate will only be awarded in the year that the student is completing his/her program.  

    Click here for the Leadership and Professional Development Certificate Entrance Reflection
  • What Workshops and Programs are available?

  • Upcoming workshops for 2017-18 are still in the planning phase, but will include:
    • Tips & Tricks for Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Success (Fall 2017 // Winter 2018)
    • IIP Public Engagement Forum (September 2017)
    • HBX Info Session for October cohort (September 2017)
    • Internships Info Session (September 2017) 
    • Mapping Your Four Years (October 2017)
    • Financial Management (October 2017)
    • Law Day (with Huron alumni working in the field) (November 2017)
    • Grad School Info Session: Meet Huron alumni in academia // OGS & SSHRC Applications
    • The Introvert's Guide to Adulting (January 2018)
    • Finding a Summer Job (January 2018)
    • Mock Interview Sessions (February 2018) 
    • Finance in Your Future? Meet Huron alum in the field! (February 2018) 

  • Exit Reflection


  • Upon completion of all components of the LPD certificate, students in their graduating year must complete the exit reflection in order to receive the certificate.

    Click here to download the Exit Reflection