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Over your four years at Huron, you will build a portfolio of transferable skills and experiences that will prepare you for a breadth of professions. The best career advice? Be prepared, reflect on your experiences, and know yourself. Throughout the year, Career Services will offer a number of workshops, events, one-on-one appointments, and resume drop-ins to help set you up for success.

  • Your First Visit: Intake Questionnaire & Self-Assessment Tools

  • When you first visit the Careers Office (located in the Student Support Services area of the West Wing), you will be asked to fill in an intake questionnaire. This will help the Coordinator determine a good starting point as you work to develop a plan to work towards your goals. 

    There are numerous tools available to help you narrow down your career focus. A variety of self-assessment tools are available to you that can help determine your interests, skill set, motivations and values, as well as personality category.
    • 16 Pesronalities 
    • Interests (Career Interest Profiler, Strong Interest Inventory®, Career Decision-Making System®, Career Matchmaker)
    • Skills (SkillScan™, My Skills)
    • Personality Type (Majors PTI™, Majors PTE™, Neo™ PI-3)
    • Values (Career Values Scale®, Values Card Sort)
    • Career Pathways: Quick Trip
    • Career Decision-making Difficulties Questionnaire
  • Career & Employment: Big Questions + Hands-on Experiences

  • Over your four years at Huron, you are the author of a narrative that will come together piece by piece, year by year. There are major characters (student support services, faculty, Residence Life Staff, classmates) and the plot will twist and turn. It's likely, though, that you be guided by the following major questions:

    What are my passions > What do I have to offer? > How/where can I apply these skills? What skills are missing? How do I fill in this gap? > How have these experiences (re)shaped my goals? > What additional experiences can enhance my goals? 

    Come and speak with the Coordinator, Careers and Internships about everything from refining your goals, volunteer opportunities, self-assessment tools available to you through Western and online, workshops, on-campus opportunities, networking events, and internships. Having hands-on experiences will provide you with transferable skills, contacts, and tangible examples that will speak to your unique talents. 
  • How does networking work?

  • Sure, there are formal networking events where industry experts gather to meet, but there are also informal ways to build your network. Think of this as a community of people who know you, are familiar with your strengths, and are also able to provide insight and advice. 

    Networking can happen when: 
    - You are connected with a Huron alumni who works in a sector or industry that interests you
    - Volunteer and make connections with organizations in the community
    - Join clubs and take on leadership positions
    - Have summer jobs 
    - You request an informational interview

    Networking is building your community. A solid network is a wonderful asset, but it is also your responsibility to lead with heart: this is a mutually beneficial relationship, so active listening, appropriate follow-ups and generosity will serve you well. 

    Stay tuned for more information on campus career fairs!