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Huron’s Graduate Degree:

The Master of Arts in Theology


Consider a two-year graduate research degree offered by Western University, drawing on resources from Anglican (Huron) and Roman Catholic (St. Peter's, Brescia) colleges affiliated with the University, as well as from the wider university itself.  Develop deep research skills in written coursework and particularly in the preparation of a thesis, providing an excellent foundation for further study to the doctoral level, or a capstone for an MA taken as a terminal degree. Areas you may explore: Systematic Theology, Public and Political Theology, Historical Theology, Theological Ethics, Biblical Studies, and Practical and Pastoral Theology. You may also engage in Interdisciplinary study, in Comparative Theology (particularly in Western Religion), and in methodological issues in the study of Religion (e.g., Religion and modern science). For further details, click here.

Applying to Graduate School:

Many of our students are interested in continuing on to graduate and professional school programs after graduation. Our Writing Centre and Career Development Services are happy to assist you with your application. We offer grad school application workshops every fall to help you understand the process and timelines for applications.   

For further information on applying to graduate school click here.