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Elliot Kimmelman

2nd year, Management and Organization Studies, Specialization in Policy & Ethics
Leadership with Heart means making a difference to a cause you feel a real connection to and taking action to make a tangible difference.
“In a word? Huron is inclusive.” 

After hearing about Huron at the Ontario University Fair and speaking with a Recruitment Officer, Elliot was attracted to Huron’s small class sizes and the closeness to Western, along with Huron’s excellent preparation for Ivey HBA candidates.

During his first-year, this out-of-province student lived in Southwest residence. “It was a great experience,” Elliot says. “It was so nice to have your own space, but there’s still a sense of community. The Dons are really friendly and supportive. If you have a problem, they help work it out.”

This community is present in class, as well. “It’s a lot easier to get to know your professors here. There’s also more flexibility—professors can accommodate you.” 

For this involved and entrepreneurial student, flexibility is key. A member of numerous clubs at Huron and Western—from  Huron’s First Year Council and Volunteer Ya!, to Huron University College Students Council and Pride Western, as well as the Pre-Business Student Consulting Program - Elliot also launched a business venture. Elliot recently started a business called C-Spray. A neutralizing spray that gets rid of the sting and smell of chlorine after a swim, Elliot came up with the idea when he was working as a lifeguard. Currently in the licensing stage, the next step is distribution. 

“One day I just thought, I need to start making a difference,” Elliot says. At a university that challenges students to be leaders with heart, Elliot has found a place where opportunities to lead by example are readily available. “Leadership with Heart means making a difference to a greater cause that you feel a real connection to. It’s tangible action that makes a tangible difference.”