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Trevor Sookraj

3rd year, Honors Specialization Globalization Studies
The Liberal Arts teaches you to ask the right questions. You look at what's happening and see different biases based on who's speaking.
Before Trevor Sookraj arrived at Huron, he already had a personal connection. His brother and a good friend attended university here. Once here, he fell in love with Global Studies. “I had planned to go to Ivey, but I realized that I could get that same practical lens to look at real world problems at Huron, too.” 

Trevor, who has done summer internships at Shopify, highlights the practical skills liberal arts offers. “I’m interested in product marketing in the tech sector. I can take these skills I learn and ideas from globalization and apply them to marketing and tech.” 

“Sometimes liberal arts gets labelled as ‘fluffy,’ but what I can do is discern a large amount of information, summarize it, and put it a critical analysis on it. I can communicate ideas at my summer internship or in class, which means I can communicate ideas to future clients and co-workers when I graduate.”

“You learn to always ask, ‘why is an idea being presented in the light?’ What are the sources? You gain the ability to look at what’s happening and see different biases based on who’s speaking.”
Actively involved in the campus community—Trevor is a Soph and the Lead Researcher for Ivey Business Review—he emphasizes the importance of office hours. “Take advantage of them and get to know your professors,” he says. “These interactions will carry you through and your professors will be ready to support you while you’re here, but life after Huron, too. Having that expert and mentor with decades of experience who is always ready to help you is such an asset.” 

When asked what leadership with heart means to him, Trevor is quick to underscore two elements. “The heart speaks to what you’re passionate about and believe in. It’s a deep interest. Leadership for me means understanding where you fit and that you can contribute in a variety of ways. You don’t have to be the loudest voice to make a difference. You’re supporting a community and everyone contributes in their own way.”