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Brandon Donaldson

2nd year, Psychology
Every member of Huron’s small community is dedicated to making students feel valued.

Brandon is an international student from Northern China studying at Huron University College.  He has been here in Canada for just two years. The adjustment to life in a different country can be difficult at first, there can be significant cultural differences and language barriers. Brandon found one of the most beneficial ways to overcome these hurdles was by reaching out to the Huron community and putting his English language skills into action through conversation with different people. Brandon recognizes that, “You may not feel confident enough to do this with Canadian students, but the people at Huron are friendly, so be brave and talk to them!”

Every member of Huron’s small community is dedicated to making students feel valued.  In his first month of studies at Huron’s beautiful campus, Brandon was inspired by the amount of effort and level of commitment demonstrated by so many of Huron’s Sophs as they helped new students to make the most out of their university experience. During Orientation Week, “They hosted parties, concerts and took us to Western’s campus to get involved in those larger events.”

Brandon, who is now in his second year at Huron, was so inspired by his Soph’s from last year that he decided to become one himself. Brandon could see, “Huron offers a really great community to get involved with. Being a Soph is a yearlong commitment to support our Frosh, check in on them and ensure they are doing well—academically and socially.” This program is just one of the many ways in which Huron successfully upholds its commitment to an inclusive community.

Huron and its small class sizes have given Brandon the chance to get to know his professors and peers. He shares, “At Huron, your professor knows your name, not your student number.” This is empowering because it gives students the confidence to reach out to the Huron community and take their university careers to the next level.

The all-embracing environment offered at Huron creates a spectacular atmosphere for international students. “Huron gives you a great opportunity to mingle and integrate with Canadian students and you also have ample opportunities to participate in programs that may take you abroad, so you can see even more of the world.”

Don’t you want to be a part of a community that is dedicated to building international leaders with heart? Contact admissions to learn more,  http://www.huronuc.ca/FS/undergraduate/AdmissionsInfo.