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Aimee Ye

2nd year, Business Management and Organizational Studies
People actually have the opportunity to get to know you, what your interests are and what your personality is like.

After attending Huron’s Orientation Week, Aimee knew that she had made the right choice in choosing the Liberal Arts university in London, Ontario. What stood out the most for Aimee during her first week at Huron was the passion students, staff and faculty showed for the school and its community.


Aimee arrived in Canada three years ago where she lived in Toronto.  “I was really nervous about my accent when I arrived here, and that can prevent you from reaching out,” explained Aimee.  After becoming involved in her classes at Huron, where she was asked to read, write and express her thoughts in English, her English language skills improved a lot.  Huron’s inclusive community provided her with the encouragement she needed to reach out, “Once you can communicate with people, that’s good enough—no one cares if you have an accent because everyone here is really open-minded.”


Huron’s campus offered a warm and welcoming environment where Aimee could feel comfortable communicating with other people.  Huron’s small class sizes made it possible for her to develop more personal connections with her professors and peers. “I love the small classes at Huron—you don’t get that with other places.”  Aimee was able to quickly make friends because “people actually have the opportunity to get to know you, what your interests are and what your personality is like.”


Aimee’s only regret about her time here at Huron was her decision to not stay in residence. “A lot of my friends tell me how great residence was and how many friends they have made there, so I wish I could have stayed in res.” Residence at Huron offers a low stress environment where students can get to know one another.  Living with other students creates a close knit community where people can turn to one another for support and guidance in making their transition to university an enjoyable experience.


Aimee decided to share her story because she is thrilled about her decision to choose Huron.  She wants other students to know that she really likes this University, and would encourage other international students to consider coming here!


As an international student herself, Aimee knows how difficult and scary it can be to study so far away from home.  But when you have such a great community like the one that Huron offers it can be made easier.  “You really feel tempted to speak in your mother tongue, but if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone even a little bit, there are so many interesting things happening on campus, and there are so many great people you can make friends with.”


Huron’s community offers an abundance of resources to help enhance international student experience on campus.  The warm people and small campus allows students to have an international experience while still providing the social comfortability of home!  Contact recruitment to find out more, http://www.huronuc.ca/fs/undergraduate/highschoolvisits/meetourliaisonteam.