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Clara Tuckey

4th year, English & History
I'm so glad I transferred here. I made the right decision.
After attending her very first class, American History, this transfer student knew she had made the right choice by attending Huron. “I remember calling my Mom as soon as I got out of class and exclaiming, ‘I’m so glad I transferred here. I made the right decision!”

After originally being accepted at Huron, Clara opted to attend a larger university for her first year but for Clara, that wasn’t the right decision. “It wasn’t the right fit at all. The student body wasn’t what I wanted. I just wasn’t comfortable as a whole,” she says. But since arriving here, she hasn’t looked back. 

Clara has participated in a history fieldtrip to Oberlin, Ohio to learn about the antislavery movement and has also attended many of the lectures by guest speakers. She says one of her favourite things about her academic life is the cross-discipline learning. For example, Clara switched from an English major to literature and cultural studies where she is taught not just from the book but to also look at how circumstances and culture shaped the authors.

One of Clara’s favourite experiences from the past year, she says, was the visit by author Thomas King who was the 2016/17 Huron1Read featured author for his book, The Truth About Stories. 

Clara credits her professors for making her so comfortable. “Getting to know people is really easy as well,” she says. “Professors treat you as an individual.”