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Justine Albert

2nd, Psychology Major
I have learned more, my writing has improved, and I am more confident because professors have so much time to give feedback.
“Huron is the best of both worlds.”

For Justine Albert, it was clear from the start that Huron is place that values relationships. After seeing a presentation about Huron in her high school, Justine met with a Recruitment Officer for coffee and find out more about this leading liberal arts university. 

It was this personalized attention coupled with a four-year scholarship that helped finalize this decision. “Winning a Hellmuth Scholarship was a big incentive to come to Huron,” Justine says. “It really helped take away the financial stress of university. The decision was easy.”
As an out-of-province student, Justine didn’t know anyone and was excited and nervous at the prospect of moving cross-country to start university. Her nerves were soon laid to rest once Orientation Week began. 

“It was an instant community. You always know someone here. You’re part of a family.”

 “I chose Psychology at Huron because in high school I could never decide between science and arts. My interest really lies in the arts, but Psych at Huron is so well-rounded. I’ve always been interested in human interactions so this was the perfect fit.” On top of the chance to take part in psychology labs from first year, face time with professors, not TAs has made Justine’s academic experience exceptional.  

“Your professors know you. I really the see the value in this. I’ve learned more, my writing has improved, and I’m more confident because professors have so much time to give feedback.”
An active member in the Huron and Western campus club systems, Justine was part of FROPH Council, Volunteer Ya!, Hillel, the Guitar Club at Western, the Triathalon Club, and is an Executive Member of Oxfam. Leadership with Heart isn’t just a saying for Justine; it’s a guiding principle. 

“Leadership with Heart is taking initiative and being ambitious. It’s collectively bringing people together to reach a common goal. You’re part of something bigger than you, but you never lose your footing.”