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Natalka Duncan

4th year, English, Minor in Visual Art History
Huron and its professors see you through, keep track of you, and genuinely want you to succeed. 
“At Huron, you always have something to offer and a place to belong.” 

For Natalka Duncan, this sense of community has been the key to her success. From meeting roommates in residence, to joining clubs like Huron Underground Dramatic Society and UWO Choir, to working as a Tour Guide, “Huron really is the best of the both worlds,” she says.  “I love being involved in these clubs and activities. You meet so many people from so many programs who you wouldn’t meet otherwise.” 

When it comes to learning in a small class size, Natalka is quick to point out that it’s Huron’s incredible professors that make seminars inspiring. “The biggest advantage I’ve experienced at Huron are the professors I’ve had each year in English. It’s an example of how Huron sees you through, keeps track of you, and genuinely wants you to succeed. Your professors can actually chart your progress. They’ll write you the best reference letters because they know you’re capable and they know you’re smart.”

Life after graduation is one of options, thanks to this personalized education. “I’m getting the skills to do whatever I want. I know that I’ll be one of the top of my field because at Huron I’ve learned how to work with people, work hard, make connections and get important things done on time.” 

“For me, Leadership with Heart is less the leadership and more the heart. You don’t have to be a leader in the traditional sense with people reporting to you, instead it’s leading by example. That happens every day, everywhere. It’s doing things in the service of others for the benefit of others. You want to make sure your best self out there. Being a leader with heart is being smart enough to know what the just thing is. Huron gives you the knowledge, the wisdom, and the resourcefulness to figure out the right path.”