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Dana Ossman

4th year, Management and Organization Studies
I knew Huron was the right place for me because of the small class size.
For Dana Ossman, now in her final year of Management and Organizational Studies (MOS), it was the small class sizes that made Huron stand out, but it’s access to professors and real-world experiences that have kept her. 

“I think the best advice for anyone coming to Huron is just get to know everybody, including your professors. It makes for a more interactive university experience. If you’re stuck on a problem, you ask; there’s no emailing. It’s all face-to-face.” 

“Because classes are small there’s lots of participation. You learn more because these discussions make your knowledge richer.” Another element that has added to Dana’s time here? Hands-on experiences. 

“I took a Consulting course last year,” Dana says. “It was the best real-life experience. We worked with a local business on a millennial-based branding project and I was able to see how moving parts come together in the business world. MOS gives students lots of opportunities to work with actual businesses, which broadens your network.  We were actually working with a business problem and were expected to present a solution based on industry research and write a business report.”

This, and other opportunities to take her education outside the classroom, are not lost on Dana. “At Huron, the small size means you really do know everyone, especially your profs. They’ll do anything to help you get your name out there and show your potential.”