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Matt Patterson

4th year, Honors Specialization History
A small Liberal Arts school where I could really be a part of the community and get to know my professors - that drew me in.
Matt Patterson came to Huron for a Fall Preview Day. While this might have been his first on-campus visit, he already knew all about this small university with big ideas: his mother is an alumna. 

“The atmosphere—this small liberal arts school where I could really be part of a community and get to know my professors—that drew me in,” Matt remembers. 

Once here, this community quickly took shape. “In a week my 1st year History professor, Dr. Tom Peace, knew my name. Professors here want to teach you. They care about students, and they care about their subject matter. It makes going to class a lot more fun.” 

“The first time I went to speak to Dr. Peace during his office hours, he asked me about my interests and he’s never forgotten what I said. That means a lot to a student.” 

“The best part of being a Huron student? The small class sizes. I have 4th year seminars with eight people. Most people don’t get that experience unless they go on to do a Masters/graduate school. I can’t imagine another school where I’d get to do that every week. Even in first year, there were no teaching assistants. I was respected and involved from the get-go. This gave me so much more confidence academically and in the community. I knew I belonged.” 

Actively involved in the Huron community, Matt is the President of Huron History Society, a producer for the Huron Underground Dramatic Society, is the History Department rep on the Student Council, was a FROPH, and a 2nd year SOPH and plans to attend Law School in the fall of 2018. The community he encountered his first week at Huron remains a driving force for this student leader.

“Leadership with Heart means going out into the world and taking on meaningful challenges and difficult, exciting jobs, but it’s doing this with the whole community in mind. Huron instills this.”