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Megan Woroch

3rd year, Globalization and Global Development Studies
I spend all my time on campus. You can’t go anywhere without seeing friends. It is such a comfortable community of people.
“The professors here were genuinely interested in me and my learning.”

It was this observation, which came to Megan Woroch when she attended Huron’s Fall Preview Day that made Huron her top pick. Once here, Megan found a program and active, engaged class discussions.

“For me, the combination of topics makes Global Studies an interdisciplinary field. This degree teaches you how to learn. It’s a lot like IB programs. Students here are really encouraged to look at questions and issues in a globally-minded way.” This active learning style fits with Megan’s desire to be an active participant in seminars. “I can’t sit in a lecture for three hours and take notes,” she says. 
“The small class sizes are great. The professor might lecture for a bit, but it’s mostly class discussion. It’s not a Power Point it’s engaged learning.”

Engagement extends far beyond the confines of the classroom. Megan is a Soph, a Tour Guide, an Academic Student Leader, and is also part of Dignitas at Western. This international organization has a Western University chapter and is dedicated to raising awareness and money for persons living with HIV. Megan also volunteers at the Regional HIV/AIDS Centre in London, helping with everything from administrative tasks to packaging harm reduction kits. 

With a goal to work as a holistic nutritionist after graduation, Megan is also pursuing a Culinary Arts Degree from George Brown College online and over the summer. Until that time, Huron is home. “I spend all my time on campus. You can’t go anywhere without seeing friends. It’s such a comfortable community of people.”