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The experience of another culture and country is enriching both personally and academically, and is strongly recommended for all students.

Huron has more than 20 formal exchange agreements with universities around the world. International exchanges provide both outbound and incoming students with unique opportunities to include a term/semester or a full year of study abroad in their undergraduate studies.

Huron has exchange agreements with universities in Austria, Belize, China, France, Japan, Korea, Malta, Mexico, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.  

In addition to Huron’s exchange programs, our students have access to all of the resources and agreements provided through Western’s main campus International and Exchange Student Office.

Students who wish to study abroad at a university that Huron or Western do not have an exchange agreement with can do so through the letter of permission process. The student applies to the school independently and works with an Academic Advisor to approve his/her course selection for credit towards their Huron degree.

For details on study abroad opportunities click here.