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Huron was established by an Act of the Province of Canada in 1863 and continued by The Huron College Act, 1958 (amended in 1961 and 1975).

It is currently governed by The Huron University College Act, 2000. An Academic Council is responsible for all matters relating to the academic life of the institution.

Huron is an independent, degree-granting institution, which has been affiliated with Western University since the late nineteenth century. Apart from honorary degrees in divinity, its degree-granting authority is currently held in abeyance, under the terms of our Affiliation Agreement with Western University. The President of Huron is an ex officio member of the Western Senate.

Please find a detailed FAQ regarding Huron’s recent announcement seeking to amend the current affiliation agreement:



  • Huron provides an engaging and challenging educational experience that gives our students a distinct advantage throughout their entire lives.
    Meaghan Blight
    VP, University Growth
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  • We believe society is crying out at this exact point in history for students who are called to lead – but to lead with a heart and a conscience.
    Dr. Barry Craig
    President at Huron
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Faculty of Arts and Social Science

2019-2024 FASS Academic Plan

Huron's Organizational Chart

Key Contacts

Anne Turvey

Executive Assistant to the President, and Secretary of the Corporation and the Executive Board

8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.                  Monday – Friday