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2017-2018 HUCSC President Global Development degree combined with an Ivey HBA Public Sector Consultant, Deloitte

Some crises are quieter than others, but that does not mean they are any less deserving of our attention. Unfortunately, universal access to quality education is not yet a reality. Luckily, however, there are people who understand where you come from should not dictate where you end up – and many of those types of people are part of our community. That’s why, Huron has been a proud sponsor of World University Services of Canada’s Student (WUSC) Refugee Program for more than 20 years.

While we’ve always tried to do our part, in 2018, our students decided we could do even more. They voted on a Student Referendum, which increased their fees to generate an additional $5,000 annually towards our student refugee program – making Huron BY FAR the greatest per capita contributor in all of Canada. “This referendum marked our realization that a lot of our peers, who come from abroad, have trouble making ends meet. As students, who are privileged to engage in Canada’s educational system, we have a responsibility to enhance access for those who also deserve this opportunity,” explains Dylan Matthews.

“I was exceptionally proud students overwhelmingly voted for it. Normally, referendums are for decreasing student fees or to bolster social events. I think what Huron’s response really shows is we understand, when it comes to student politics, there are some things that are more meaningful to our student experience than just what the next bar night is going to be.”