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Honours Specialization in History

I was told Huron has the propensity to completely transform lives – I just never thought that would apply to me! My plans were set. I was going to work hard and graduate with a degree in Political Science which would take me directly to Law school after graduation. What I hadn’t planned on was the power of Huron’s excellent faculty. After taking first-year classes with Dr. Read and Dr. Peace I came to the difficult decision that my academic life was about to change drastically. Secure in the knowledge that my Huron Liberal Arts degree could take me anywhere, I decided to pursue an Honours Specialization in History.

I’m so glad I did. Amazing things can happen when you follow your passion and for me, receiving a prestigious renewable History scholarship was truly life changing. I’ve always been a hard worker. I started working in the retail industry in high school as I knew funding my university education was my responsibility. Now in fourth-year, I continue to work to support myself, but knowing I have the funds from this scholarship has brought me some much-needed economic freedom to help me remain debt-free.

With graduation on the horizon, I’m busy deciding whether Law school is still the plan or whether I ought to take a leap again and earn my PhD to become a History Professor. One thing I do know for certain is that I can’t thank the generosity of the Huron community enough for not only validating my decision to follow my heart, but also for helping me on my way.