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Philosophy and Computer Science

Receiving such a prestigious scholarship to attend Huron enabled me to create the university experience that I wanted – one of being able to access a multitude of clubs, opportunities, and social circles while fully engaging in academic study, all without having to devote my time and energy to finances. One day I hope to be in the position where I can become a donor and help provide students with the same kind of freedom I’ve been given with this scholarship.

Huron is providing me with an unmatched education both inside the classroom and out. I’m learning not only from my profs, but from the diverse and thoughtful student body. Bringing students together from around the world provides a more full and nuanced perspective on the material in class and enriches the social experience.

While I’m not yet certain what my post-graduate life will look like, I’m set on tackling issues related to the ethical implications of technological development and helping the world become a better place. I couldn’t have had the education to help me pursue these goals without receiving this Huron scholarship.