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I am a Writing intern for Huron’s Marketing and Communications Department. This year, I will be writing stories about the Leaders with Heart who make Huron such a special place. To help you get to know the writer behind the stories, I thought I could start with my own.

Buckle up!

How it started

Currently, I am in the second year of my Honours Specialization in Global Rights and Minor in Anthropology. I grew up in Querétaro, Mexico, and moving to London was the biggest and best decision of my life. I chose Huron because I wanted an overseas education that could still provide some of the learning components I became familiar with growing up: small classes, personalized follow-up, and mentor-like relationships with professors. Most importantly, I wanted to go abroad and learn about other realities around the world – not just in class, but by interacting with other international students. Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to connect with people from radically different backgrounds and form my own international family. I wouldn’t change these experiences for the world.

When I started my undergraduate degree, I decided I wanted to explore my interest in research. To my surprise, Huron had a specific program for students who are looking to further develop their capacity for critical analysis and curiosity, and it’s called Scholar’s Electives. The curriculum’s interdisciplinary model of learning has made it possible for me to explore topics that may not be covered in my classes, but I still want to learn about. This is one of the opportunities that complement Huron’s education and makes it a great space for multifaceted individuals to thrive.

Life at Huron

One of the aspects of Huron I was the most excited about was its commitment to a holistic and altruistic approach to education. A couple of weeks after arriving at university, I decided to join the Students’ Council (HUCSC) as the Pride Commissioner. The role meant a great deal to me coming from a high school, where talking about LGBTQ+ matters was prohibited. I wanted to make sure students at Huron had safe and inclusive spaces where they could be themselves. I made this idea a priority for my current position as President of the Huron Queer Association (HQA). Even though the club is barely one year old, I am beyond excited to bring new ideas and events to the table.

I was eager to learn about everything, so I joined the World University Services of Canada (WUSC) and the student magazine PRISM, among other clubs. I even volunteered for the City of London once and (almost) modelled for a charity show. Over time, these positions helped me build an extensive experiential background, and I was able to land working opportunities in fields related to my career. As a Research Assistant for the Global Studies Department last semester, I worked on topics that I am deeply interested in. Over the summer, I was hired as a Communications and Storytelling Assistant for a local NGO called Pillar Non-Profit Network. There I got to meet some truly inspiring people in the social innovation field and made connections that will be highly beneficial in the future.

Coming to Huron changed my life. It was not only moving to another country and into a completely different culture. Coming to Huron meant joining a family of people who genuinely care about each other and will do what they can to help you grow. That is what Leadership with Heart means to me.