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Meet Emily!

Emily Poirier is a second-year student pursuing an honours specialization in global health and a minor in refugee and migrant studies. She is passionate about healthcare and Women’s Health, experiential learning, and student advocacy. When it was time for her to choose a University, she was looking for a flexible program that focused on health and provided a global perspective. Huron’s opportunities to get involved with the community and develop skills outside of the classroom were the main reasons why she chose to attend the university.

The transition from her first year to her second was challenging. 2020 was a difficult time for everyone, and for Emily, it meant lots of changes. It was the year she moved to London by herself and spent the summer alone while she waited for her roommate to arrive. It taught her a handful of valuable lessons and strategies she hopes to share with other students. She expressed her main three points: reaching out to people, physical health, and therapy. As a person who has struggled with anxiety, Emily shared how it was difficult finding a steady group of friends and keeping up with schoolwork. She found that during difficult times professors genuinely wanted to help and support as much they could. “In a sense,” she explains “the personalized education Huron is so proud to offer turns into personalized care for students.” She describes how her classes at main campus were less likely to have such an individual approach just because of the number of students in a course.

At Huron, professors are very excited to foster a student leadership environment.

Emily has found herself exploring different fields and topics across her degree. She is passionate about indigenous issues, land rights, and sovereignty. She believes the intersection with other big issues such as climate change and decolonizing processes is crucial for the development of research in the field and hopes to have the chance to contribute to this knowledge in the future.

During her first year, she joined the Huron Undergraduate Drama Society. The experience introduced her to the school’s social circles and allowed her to meet people who are now close friends.

It was a space for students to fully develop their skills, I learned so much about others and myself.

She was  also elected as the Centre for Global Studies representative and currently has a position at the Centre for Global Studies Associations. These opportunities have allowed her to understand student politics and become more active in the community. In the upcoming months, she hopes to be in a place where she can explore her hobbies and develop skills that will be useful in the future, such as collaboration and critical analysis. After university, she would like to get into public policy and health research or perhaps join an NGO in their work. “It will all depend on what I feel is important”.

For Emily that would be becoming a leader with heart. Following her dreams, while prioritizing the needs of others to make sure that her involvement is only about compassion and collaboration.