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Huron collaborates with Urban Squash Toronto to help support students with financial need

Dec 8 2021

Huron University and Urban Squash Toronto (UST) are proud to announce a new five-year collaboration between the two institutions that will see one eligible UST student per year attend Huron.

As part of this partnership Huron will pay all outstanding costs and fees, including residence and meal plans for all four years the students attend, after all other financial supports have been exhausted.

“It’s like a gate being opened,” says current Huron student and former Urban Squash participant Vivek Mody. “Honestly, I have no words for this. I think this is legendary.”

Urban Squash Toronto is a charitable organization that supports Grade 6–12 students in the Jane and Finch community. UST provides a daily after-school program that combines academic tutoring and guidance, athletic squash programming and mentorship opportunities to underserved youth.

Huron and UST developed a partnership after seeing two participants of the program, Vivek and fellow classmate Jimmy Wu, admitted to Huron on scholarship.

Both Vivek and Jimmy attended UST for years with Jimmy beginning in grade 6 and attending the program six days a week all the way through high school. “UST was amazing. They really helped me through the years. I probably wouldn’t be here if not for them,” he shares.

Brent Adamson is the Executive Director of UST and says this partnership is providing hope. “The biggest barrier to post-secondary education for our families is finances,” he says. “We want students to be able to go to the school of their choice and now this partnership makes it in reach.”

“We are so grateful as an organization to Huron for giving our students this opportunity” he says.

Dr. Martha Simmons, Chief Operating Officer of Forthlane Partners and Huron ’03 alumna, has gotten to know the work of UST students firsthand. After seeing UST students at multiple squash events and taking note of Vivek’s sportsmanship and mentoring abilities with the younger UST students, she encouraged him to apply for a summer internship at Forthlane of which he was the successful candidate.

Vivek didn’t disappoint in his internship, says Martha. “He was a great success. It was so gratifying being a part of that journey.”

As Vivek and Jimmy continue on their academic journeys, both say they’re loving Huron and are proud of inspiring the younger UST students. “We’re trying to get the kids to do better,” says Jimmy.

This partnership is an important part in Huron’s mission to develop Leaders with Heart and create more access to education for students of all backgrounds.