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MacNaughton Prize supports #LeadersWithHeart Podcast Series

Apr 13 2021

If ever there was a time when leadership really matters, it’s now. The past year has brought both all manner of challenges, and the emergence of new leaders in diverse sectors who are leading a way through these challenges.

During the Winter 2021 term, students enrolled in Governance, Leadership and Ethics (GLE) 2003G: Introduction to Leadership will be learning from more than 75 of these leaders as guest speakers and through 1:1 student interviews in the course. The individuals featured will be drawn from both obvious and less-obvious spaces and sectors, and will include high profile political leaders, corporate executives, nonprofit leaders, community activists, faith leaders, artists and thought leaders.

With the support of the John and Gail MacNaughton Prize for Excellence in Teaching, the insights of these leaders will be recorded and cut together into a limited edition #LeadersWithHeart podcast series. Huron students will have the opportunity to take the lead in this work: editing transcripts, producing and hosting episodes, framing topics and identifying themes, and sharing what is learned through these conversations with the broader Huron community and the world.

The MacNaughton Prize serves to encourage pedagogical innovation and reflection on, and sharing of, the scholarship of teaching and learning at Huron. According to faculty recipients Drs. Neil Bradford and Kate Graham, the podcast project is rooted in the teaching and learning vision of the GLE program. They explain: “we believe students learn best when they are engaged in questions, rather than taught answers, and have witnessed how students thrive when they can directly explore and participate in contemporary issues, rather than observing from the sidelines.”

The goal of this MacNaughton Prize project is to reach audiences far beyond the Huron community. “The pandemic has created an unusual opportunity for students to easily engage with and learn from a phenomenal diversity of leaders. How exciting it will be to share the insights from these conversations with a much larger audience!” explains Dr. Graham.

The project will generate and share leading-edge knowledge about emerging leadership styles and strategies in the COVID and post-COVID contexts, and will also inform future teaching curriculum and course design in the GLE program at Huron. “As GLE Coordinator, I am thrilled to see this Leadership project receive the MacNaughton Prize” says Dr. Bradford, “it promises to enrich the student learning experience while making accessible to a broad audience the blend of theoretical and practical knowledge that drives Huron's GLE.”