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Honors Specialization Globalization Studies

Angela Salamanca

After graduating from Huron, I discovered my passion for education and worked at a non-profit named Canadian Roots Exchange as a program coordinator. I got the opportunity to travel throughout Ontario and Nova Scotia co-creating experiential education programs with youth from diverse Indigenous communities, with the goal of educating non-Indigenous youth about the lives and realities of Indigenous people in Canada and creating bridges between Indigenous youth who may not otherwise have had a chance to connect.

The critical-thinking tools and the understanding of Indigenous histories and politics I acquired at Huron enriched my work at this organization. In 2015, I completed a Master of Education Degree from York University in Urban Aboriginal Education and the analytical and writing skills I gained during my time at Huron supported me through the demanding work of a graduate program.

I am currently the project coordinator for a SSHRC Partnership grant between the Canadian Red Cross, York University and five Indigenous communities in Canada. This research project is about understanding the pathways to wellness of diverse Indigenous communities through Respect Education and violence prevention programming. I am thankful for my experiences at Huron, I was able to study diverse subjects, engage in meaningful conversations with my peers and benefit from the guidance and passion of great professors who were invested in my learning and my growth as a person.

Angela Salamanca