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Global Development Major

Claire Windsor
I began my studies at Huron with one intention, to study that which I was passionate about regardless of disciplinary boundaries. This being said, I was completely blown away by the degree to which my professors at Huron’s Centre for Global Studies encouraged such scholarship.

By challenging and disrupting much of the assumed knowledge I entered the programme with whilst providing an open, creative, and supportive space to reconstruct new knowledge, CGS has had a lasting impact on my approach to both academic and non-academic life.

My paper The Impersonal is Personal: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women through the Lens of Roberto Esposito’s Third Person is truly a culmination of my degree at Huron. Thanks to the supportive and creative space mentioned above, I was able to write a paper that explores my passion for decolonial, Indigenous, and gendered issues through the difficult philosophical and ethical concepts explored in CGS4011. Since I had explored such issues in a number of classes in CGS, I was able to utilize the expertise of multiple professors and approaches in my paper.

I am very proud to say that this paper was selected to be “highly commended” in the 2015 Undergraduate Awards, the world’s largest academic awards programme. This award gave me the opportunity to go to Dublin for the 2015 UA conference where I was able to share the knowledge I gained at Huron with some of the top undergraduate students in the world. It is with the invaluable experience of this conference and the continued support of my professors at Huron that I am looking forward to continuing my studies in the form of a post-graduate degree. The Centre for Global Studies has opened many doors for me in Canada and internationally, and I truly cannot wait to continue building on the incredible foundation I established at Huron.