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Lecturer, Japanese Program

Rie Shirakawa
I am so excited about the opportunity to teach students about Japan - its language, culture and people. Our community creates cross-cultural learning experiences so Huron students are able to really engage with this unique place and its personalities, from half a world away.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching Japanese to students who may have some familiarity with it through to those individuals who want to explore something totally new. I recognize that tackling a new language can be very intimidating for students, but it is one of the best ways to get to understand a country and culture that is likely very different from their own.

Your understanding of another language sharpens your mind; gives you a competitive advantage in the workplace; and helps you move beyond a superficial understanding of cultural similarities and differences by empowering you to recognize the nuances that shape people’s interactions with the world, its symbols and meanings.

I look forward to supporting your Japanese language goals, and strongly encourage you to take the leap and join our program. You’ll find it a truly enriching experience for both your personal and professional development.