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Huron-Lawson Chair of Pastoral Theology

The Rev. Lizette Larson-Miller, PhD
My teaching aim is to introduce, broaden, and enrich students' knowledge of Christian liturgical studies. Liturgy encompasses many different disciplines in addition to engaging students in both academic research and pastoral application.

Students studying at Huron will encounter several different advantages. The first is a top-notch faculty in which the core group are excellent teachers, exemplary researchers, and engaged in the academy and church in various ways. This is important because it means the faculty is current in their knowledge, and connected to a web of assets into which students are welcomed. A second is the combination of small college and large university with the benefits of each. Students have the accessibility of being taught and mentored by their professors while being part of the breadth of Western’s extensive resources.


  • Applied sacramentality – how liturgical theologies actually matter to the lives of Christians
  • The connections between popular religiosity and official liturgical rites
  • Christian rites and rituals with the sick, the dying, and the dead
  • Sacred space, particularly the construction of places of memory associated with the dead
  • Late antique/early medieval history, particularly historical developments in liturgy and sacramental rites (baptism and eucharist and rites with the sick)
  • The theology of ritual music/sonic theology
  • Contemporary eucharistic theologies
  • Rituals responding to disaster, within and beyond the church