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History & Political Science

Emily Abbott
Huron's experiential learning opportunities enabled me to extend my knowledge far beyond what I learned in class. This helped me develop a robust understanding and skillset that I am able to apply to my pursuits of Leadership with Heart.

I have always been a history buff. My curiosity about lesser-known events and perspectives and my desire to explore the complexities of the past led me to the History Program at Huron. History and political science at Huron are truly interdisciplinary, so studying these topics was a way for me to learn about a variety of subjects.

We engaged with diverse assignments; from planning a museum exhibit to conducting archival research on local history. I also knew I wanted to attend grad school, so I was looking for a combination of courses that would help me develop my research and writing skills. My focus on history and political science was the perfect fit for my pre-established interests, as well as the important transferrable skills I wanted to develop to procure success from my future endeavours.

In addition to absolutely loving my courses and my highly-supportive professors, I was awarded a CURL research fellowship, so I was able to launch my very own research project that I can now incorporate into my portfolio to stand out to future employers. As well, I took advantage of Huron’s extensive exchange opportunities and studied in France for a semester. This gave me enhanced linguistic competence and broadened my cultural perspective – I am confident this experience will really help me to be confident and competent global citizen.