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Master of Divinity

Huron’s Faculty of Theology will be happy to welcome you into our midst. Our programs are continually monitored, evaluated, and improved so that we can offer you the very best in theological education and formation, and our faculty are committed to your intellectual and spiritual growth. Students from any denomination are welcome to study with us.

Master of Divinity students at Huron engage in a wide variety of experiences as they undertake their formation for ministry and service. What all members of the community have in common is the desire to know God more deeply, to serve others, to grow intellectually, and to mature spiritually. You will be welcomed into our community of prayer and study with the hope that, in a very short time, you might call us home.


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Alumni Stories

We are proud of our Master of Divinity graduates, who are dedicating their lives to spiritual and civic leadership around the world. This program is intended to prepare students for Christian ministry, but our graduates are well prepared to Lead with Heart in both church and community settings. We welcome students from every denomination and interest area, so our graduates move on to create positive change across a diverse array of sectors.

Learn more about how our alumni have found success with their Huron theological education as foundation.

  • I owe everything to Huron because the school provided me with a leading environment for me to start again.
    Irfan Asghar
    Joint Master of Theological Studies (MTS) and Master of Arts (Theology) Graduate, PhD Candidate at McMaster University
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  • With how close the community is here, emphasized by the smaller classrooms, it feels like we’re all here for the same goals. We’re all working together as a community for the best of each of us.
    Tianna Gocan
    Master of Divinity Student
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  • I did not know any other college or university in Ontario that offers a concentration in Islamic Studies, where my passion is, that specifically relates to both my profession in sign language and my spiritual growth.
    Rana Amr Adly Hamdy
    Rana Amr Adly Hamdy - Master of Arts (Theology) Student
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  • Huron provided all the financial support possible to make a married, low-income student like myself able to fully take part in academic life. The tremendous teaching and mentorship I received set me up to receive a full scholarship to the University of Edinburgh for my PhD. Without Huron, this would have never occurred.
    Chris Medland
    MTS ’13, MA ’15
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  • You develop within classes that foster critical thinking; challenge you to ask complex questions; and learn how to understand the world in a more human way.
    Beth Koudys
    Honours BA, Master of Divinity ‘14
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  • I found my spark and pursued it at Huron, and the experience was phenomenal.
    Michael Bodkin
    Master of Arts (Theology) Graduate, PhD Candidate at the Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism at Western University
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  • The MDiv is a three-year, post-baccalaureate, professional undergraduate degree to prepare you for ordination and service.
  • The program may be taken full-time or part-time; however, the maximum duration of the degree is six years.
  • The degree is granted by Western University and accredited by the Association of Theological Schools; it is also recognized by the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada for the training of ordinands, but we are pleased to welcome students from a variety of denominations.
General Information
Degree Requirements


  • Knowledge of the Bible and its interpretation using contemporary methods of criticism
  • Understanding of Christian doctrines and the historical, methodological and philosophical approaches to the study of theology
  • Skills in ministerial leadership:  preaching, pastoral care, personal and public prayer, worship planning, and management and administration
  • Ability to provide diverse forms of public leadership and service
  • Cultural sensitivity and awareness for living in an ecumenical and multi-faith context


  • Small, inclusive learning community within one of Canada’s leading Liberal Arts universities
  • Over 150 years of excellence in theological education
  • New context-driven approach allows you to develop skills and knowledge as a church leader in your local community
  • New program mode includes convenient, two-day timetable and distance learning option
  • Knowledgeable, supportive faculty who take a personal interest in your learning and development
  • Excellent research support in Huron’s Library and Learning Services and Writing Services
  • Generous financial aid available to students who qualify
  • Full access to Western University amenities – and graduate with a Western degree


The minimum requirement to be eligible for admission to the Master of Divinity or Master of Theological Studies program is a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. Applicants holding a bachelor’s degree from a non-recognized institution must provide, in support of their formal application, a sample research paper (approx. 10 pages) from their earlier degree.

Domestic and international applicants without a bachelor’s degree may apply as a mature student. A limited number of competitive, discretionary admissions may be available for those without a bachelor’s degree. Please refer to our Mature Student Policy for more information or contact the Faculty.

Taking Courses Only (Not the Degree), Letter of Permission, and Special Student: 
You may take courses without being in a degree stream in the following ways when you already hold a university degree:

  • Special Students already hold a university degree & wish to take individual course(s), for audit or credit, without being in a degree program.
  • Letter of Permission students are visiting students from another university.

Non-Registered Students:  
If you do not already hold a Bachelor’s degree, you can contact the Faculty of Theology office regarding the possibility of sitting in on courses in the Faculty.  You will not be an official Western/Huron student, no records will be kept, and audit fees will be charged.


Students complete the following 30 half-courses over three years (full-time or part-time equivalent). Normal full-time enrolment is 5 half-courses per term, 10 half-courses per year. The total program of study for the MDiv shall not extend beyond 6 years.

Area I: Biblical Studies
  • Biblical Studies 5110a/b, 5116a/b, and 5120a/b*
  • One half course in New Testament from Area I, Biblical Studies
  • One half-course in Old Testament from Area I, Biblical Studies (*Before Sept. 2015: BS 5114a/b)
Area II: Theological Studies
  • Systematic Theology 5103a and Theological Ethics 5203a
  • Three further half-courses from Area II, Theological Studies
Area III: Historical Studies
  • Church History 5104a/b and 5106a/b
  • One further half-course from Area III, Historical Studies
Area IV: Public Leadership and Ministry Studies
  • Homiletics 5204a/b and Homiletics 5305a
  • Liturgics 5204a/b and 1 other Liturgics course (Candidates for ordination in Anglican Church of Canada take Liturgics 5301a/b)
  • Religious Education 5203a/b
  • Pastoral Theology 5230a/b
  • Pastoral Theology 5231a/b
Area V: Contextual and Formational Studies
  • Field Education 5110a
  • Field Education 5211a and 5212b; or two of Field Education 5222a/b, 5230a/b, 5232a/b
  • Pastoral Theology 5313a/b
Area VI: Comparative and Cultural Studies
  • 2 half-courses from Area VI, Comparative & Contextual Studies

General Program Electives: 
4 elective half-courses from any of the 6 areas above.

Multireligious Engagement Requirement
At least one half-course (from any area or from among electives) must focus on a religious tradition other than Christianity.

Transcultural Learning Experience
Each student in the MDiv must complete an approved Transcultural Learning Experience (TLE) at any point during the MDiv program.  The TLE may accompany a course from Area VI, Comparative and Contextual Studies, or may take the form of an independent study in Field Education, or may take place during the summer term.  The Experiences have been worldwide, and Huron has funding available to defray the costs of the student’s travel and accommodation, where this is necessary.

The primary purpose of the Experience is to provide each student with the opportunity to develop a wider framework from which to see their identity, community, and context so that they may develop a deeper understanding of ministry.  In order for the TLE project to be approved and assessed, each student must submit a written proposal and self-evaluation to the Director of Field Education, in consultation with the Dean, if necessary.  In both documents, a set of articulated learning objectives for the TLE will be cited that with fulfil the following criteria, stated here as prospective goals:

  1. Does the proposed TLE provide the student with access to the lived experiences of the community visited? Does it express ways in which the student will live among (or close to) members of the community, share meals, participate in worship or other communal practices?
  2. Does the proposed TLE enable the student to learn about different expressions of faith, community, and worship?
  3. Does the proposed TLE demonstrate awareness of how the experience should shape the participating student’s own context and sense of self?
  4. Does the proposed TLE convey a sense of how it will affect the student’s understanding of ministry?

Highly motivated students with a minimum of 12 half-courses completed in the MDiv, with an average of 78% or better, may apply to the MA (Theology). Those completing both combined degrees will be part-time in one degree, full-time in the other.

Combined MDiv-MA students will complete three fewer half-courses (generally elective courses) in the MDiv program (for a total of 27). With successful completion, both MDiv and MA degrees are awarded.


Traditional Applicants + Special Students (those who already hold a university degree & wish to take course(s) for credit, without being in a degree program)

Program Application


Letter of Permission Students Those who are currently in a program in another university, who would like to visit Huron to take a course and have the results of that course sent back to their university.

Letter of Permission Application


The Master of Divinity degree program is designed to provide opportunities for academic, personal, and spiritual growth. As such, admission is based not only on academic considerations, but also on evidence of personal maturity, good character, and the potential for spiritual growth. In order to assess these criteria for admission to the MDiv, we rely on the candidate’s application, the confidential statements made by referees, and where the Admissions Committee so recommends, an interview with the candidate.

Once an application file is complete, with all supporting documents received by Huron, it is reviewed by an Admissions Committee comprised of the Dean of Theology and two full-time members of the Faculty of Theology. After their review of the completed application, the Admissions Committee may recommend that the candidate be interviewed. The candidate will then be contacted by the Dean to arrange for a final interview before a decision is made and communicated to the candidate.

Upload to Portal:

  • Resume
  • Autobiographical-religious statement: In about 400 words, please describe your reasons for seeking a Master of Divinity degree, your vocational plans, and your formative influences.
  • Scan of transcript showing completion of bachelor’s degree (Followed by hard copy original version in mail)
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency (If applicable. See “English Language Proficiency Requirements” below)

Send to Referees:
(Please note that your referees mail or email these forms directly to Huron.)


Winter Term
Applicants seeking admission in the Winter term should apply by December 1.

Fall Term
Applicants seeking admission in the Winter term should apply by May 30. Please enquire at or for flexibility with applications beyond this deadline.

International Applicants
International applicants seeking admission to the MDiv or MTS programs should have their applications complete, including all supporting documents, by March 1 for September admission and September 1 for January admission.


If you wish to be considered for Financial Aid, please complete the form below:

MTS/MDiv Financial Aid Application


The Transfer Credit and Waiver of Program Requirements Policy for the MDiv and MTS programs can be accessed here:


If you have not completed your degree/diploma at an institution where the principal language of instruction is English, you are required to submit a satisfactory English Language Proficiency test score.

Huron requires one of the following:

Test Minimum Score Required 
TOEFL(iBT), 83, with no less than 20 on any section

TOEFL(PBT), 500, with TWE of 5

MELAB, 80, with no less than 78 on any section

IELTS, 6.5, with no less than 6.0 on any section

CAEL, 60, with no less than 60 on any section

PTE Academic, 58, with no less than 56 on any section


Program Learning Outcomes

By completing the Master of Divinity program, students will demonstrate:

  1. A critical and culturally sensitive understanding of the scriptural, historical, theological, and liturgical foundations of the Christian tradition, including the global varieties of Christian expression (for Anglicans, especially within the Anglican Communion), and the ability to apply this knowledge in ministry settings
  2. Proficiency in the key skills and competencies for transformative leadership in the practice of ministry through theoretical grounding, experiential learning, and reflection on practice
  3. An ability to analyze the diverse social and intercultural contexts of ministry and to adapt behaviour and formulate strategies to acknowledge differences and recognize commonality
  4. An ability to identify dynamics and conditions that cause injustice, to articulate connections with the scriptural call to pursue peace and justice, and to collaborate with communities to respond
  5. An ability to describe, practice, and model disciplines that form and nurture one’s own spiritual formation, and to foster the spiritual development and vitality of others
  6. An integrative personal formation that combines academic preparation with intellectual, spiritual, ethical, and emotional maturity.

Master of Divinity Course Timetable

Course Registration for 2022-23

Admitted MDiv & MTS Students, Theology Special and Letter of Permission Students, may register for courses once they receive their registration appointment from Western.  If you don’t receive the Appointment, contact Faculty of Theology office (
Here is the REVISED Registration Handbook. Registration-for-Courses-in-the-Faculty-of-Theology-2022-23

Theology Orientation Handbook 2022-23
can be found here: Orientation Handbook link.

Master of Divinity Maps:

MDiv map for those who began prior to September ’22
MDiv map for those beginning in September ’22, the recommended first year courses are found on its final page.

2023 Summer Intersession Course Timetable

How to Register for an Intersession course
First, beginning Feb 22, activate yourself for the Summer Session on student centre.
Second, once activation is complete, register yourself for the course in student centre.   Here are some helpful detailed instructions!
Or contact for assistance.
Remember,  Huron students pay Huron for summer courses.  

Intersession 2023 falls between May 15 and June 23, followed by exams if scheduled.
“A” courses are  half-courses in first half
“B” courses are half-courses in second half
No suffix = full-course, lasting all Intersession, May 15-June 23
Calendar course descriptions are found below.

Course Subject
Course #
Course Outline
2130Living Religions of the Worldonline
Supervised Pastoral Educ5120SPE Basic Isee Dr. Dawn Davis for details & instructions

RS 2030  Living Religions  (Online Only)
A study of the history, faith, and practices of the major living religions – selected from Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism, Zoroastrianism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.   (Note:  this course can be used toward an Area 6 requirement.  This course cannot be used toward the Multireligious Engagement Course, if your degree requires this.)

SPE 5120 Supervised Pastoral Education Basic I
Offered in partnership with a SPE program (Basic I) accredited by the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care, this course blends supervised clinical experience and reflective learning to enable students to develop the art and practice of spiritual care. The course addresses theological, psychological, sociological, and ethical issues in spiritual care.

2022-2023 Course Timetable

Copy of Courses (with schedule) 1229 August
“A” courses are in fall term
“B” courses are in winter term
No suffix = full-year course
Courses are Hybrid (online for approved students/in person for all others) unless otherwise noted.
Calendar course descriptions are found in MDiv map.
See sample course outlines from last year in 2021-22 timetable.

Course Subject
Course #
Course Outline
Arabic1070AQuranic Arabic for Beginners (in person)Tu8:3011:20Kharrat, Y.
Arabic2080AIntermediate Quranic Arabic  (in person)Th14:3017:20Kharrat, Y.
Arabic5260BReadings From The Qur’anTh11:3014:00Kharrat, Y.
Bib Studies5110A Intro to the Bible as ScriptureTh11:3014:00Smith, D.
Bib Studies5116BNew Testament WritingsTu18:0020:30
Bib Studies5119BQur’an, Sunnah, HadithW14:3017:00Mattson, I.
Bib Studies5120BIntro to the Hebrew BibleTh11:3014:00Meyer, N.
Bib StudiesNEW
Major Letters of PaulTh18:0020:50Meyer, N.
5210BStudies in the Pentateuch (online only)Tu11:3014:30Sabo, P.
5222AProphetic LiteratureTh11:3014:00Lemos, T.
Church Hist5104AEarly Church to Late Middle AgesTh8:3011:00Acres, W.
Church Hist5106BLate Mid Ages to Modern PeriodTu9:3012:00McClatchie, S.
Church Hist5111BHistory of Christian-Muslim RelationsTh14:3017:00Mattson, I.
Church Hist5232BSpecial Topics:  Christianity & IndigenaityTh18:0020:30Acres, W.
Church Music5223BLiturgical MusicW14:3017:00Lupton,W./ McClatchie, S.
Field Educ5110AIdentity & FormationW14:3017:00Davis, D.
Field Educ5211AParish/Community PracticumTh8:3011:00Davis, D.
Field Educ5212BParish/Community PracticumTh8:3011:00Davis, D.
Field Educ5313AParish/Community Practicum (3rd yr)Contact:
Davis, D.
Greek5103AIntroductory GrammarTu


Greek5104BCon’t of Greek Grammar & New Testament ReadingsTu
14:3016:30Meyer, N.
Homiletics5204ATheol & Practice of Preaching (contact to sign up)W14:3017:00Townshend, T.
Homiletics5305BContinuation of HomileticsTu9:3012:00Crittenden, J.
Liturgics5204AIntro to Liturgical Theology (contact to sign up; online course only)W18:0020:30Gibaut, J.
Liturgics5301BLiturgical Leadership (online course only)Th14:3017:00Koyle, Jay
Past Theol5213B MTS Integration & Formation SeminarTu9:3012:00Marks, D.
Past Theol5230ACongregational Development & LeadershipTu14:3017:00Morrison, B.
Past Theol5231APastoral Care & Counselling MinistryTu18:0020:30Morrison, B.
Past Theol5235bMissions, Colonialism, & The Gospel   (mostly online)Th11:3014:00Ruso, D.
Past TheolNEW
Human Development & Group ProcessTu14:3017:00Morrison, B.
Past Theol5313BMDiv Integration & Formation SeminarPlease contact D. Davis
Past Theol5330BCouple & Family DynamicsTu180020:30Morrison, B.
Rel Educ5203BTeaching MinistryTu14:3017:00Morrison, B.
Rel Stud2130Living ReligionsM15:3017:30Acres, B
see Theol Office for permiss.
Rel Stud5134BFreedom of Religion & Accommodation in CanadaW18:0020:30Fahmi, M.
Rel Stud5224ASpecial Topics:  Sociology of ReligionTh18:0020:30Elliot, Neil
Supervised Past Educ5120SPE Basic Isee D. Davis for permiss’n
Syst Theol5103AIntro to Systematic TheolW8:3011:00Potter, B.
Syst Theol5206BChrist, Salvation, TrinityW8:3011:00Potter, B.
Syst TheolNEW
Special Topics:  Readings in Islamic TheologyTh11:3014:30Taleb, L. R.
Theol Ethics5203BCritical Investigation of Theological EthicsW18:0020:30Gruning, H.


2022 Intersession/Summer Timetable

How to Register for an Intersession course
First, beginning Feb 22, activate yourself for the Summer Session on student centre.
Second, once activation is complete, register yourself for the course in student centre.   Here are some helpful detailed instructions!
Or contact for assistance.
Remember,  Huron students pay Huron for summer courses.  

Intersession 2022 falls between May 16 and June 24, followed by exams if scheduled.
“A” courses are  half-courses in first half , May 16-June 3
“B” courses are half-courses in second half
No suffix = full-course, lasting all Intersession, May 16-June 24
Calendar course descriptions are found below.

Course Subject
Course #
Course Outline
5304AChurch & Non-Profit Admin and Organisationonline
6:309:20Hessler, Soren
2130Living Religions of the Worldonline

PT 5304a  Church & Non-Profit Organisation & Administration (Online)
An introduction to organization and administrative leadership in church and other not-for-profit organizations.

RS 2030  Living Religions  (Online)
A study of the history, faith, and practices of the major living religions – selected from Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism, Zoroastrianism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

2021-2022 Course Timetable

“A” courses are in fall term
“B” courses are in winter term
No suffix = full-year course
Calendar course descriptions are found in MDiv map.

Course Subject
Course #
Course Outline
Arabic1070AArabic 1070a Course Outline 1070AM8:3011:20Kharrat, Y.
Arabic2080AArabic 2080a Course Outline 2080ATh14:3017:20Kharrat, Y.
Arabic5260BReadings From The Qur’anTu9:3012:00Kharrat, Y.
Bib Studies5110ABS 5110a RS 2330f IntBibScripture 2021Tu6:008:30Smith, D.
Bib Studies5116BThe New Testament WritingsTu18:0020:30Quigley, J.
Bib Studies5120BIntro to the Hebrew BibleTh11:3014:00Meyer, N.
5222ABS 5222a isaiah ezekiel compared 2021 (2)Th11:3014:00Lemos, T.
email to register!
5250ABS 5250a early history of god syllabus 2021 (1)W14:3017:00Lemos, T.
5255ABS 5255a MDiv MTS Gender and Sexuality Syllabus Syllabus (1)Th8:3011:00Quigley, J.
Church Hist5104ACH 5104a Church History I SyllabusW14:3017:00McClatchie, S.
Church Hist5106BLate Mid Ages to Modern PeriodW14:3017:00Acres, W.
Church Hist5227AHistory of AnglicanismTh14:3017:00Acres, W.
Church Hist5232BCANCELLED
Medieval Heresies
Church Music5222BTheory & Practice of Music in the ChurchTh14:3017:00Lupton, W. / McClatchie, S.
Field Educ5110AFLDEDU 5110A 550 FW21W8:3011:00Davis, D.
Field Educ5211AFLDEDUC 5211A 550 21Th18:0020:30Davis, D.
Field Educ5212BParish/Community PracticumTh18:0020:30Davis, D.
Field Educ5313BParish/Community Practicum (3rd yr)Contact:
Davis, D.
Greek5103AGreek 1103a Syllabus BATu


14:3016:30Quigley, J.
Greek5104BCon’t of Greek Grammar & New Testament ReadingsTu
14:3016:30Quigley, J.
Hebrew5040AHebrew 1040a 5040a Huron Fall 2021Tu
14:3016:30Meyer, N.
Hebrew5041BIntro to Biblical Hebrew IITu
14:3016:30Meyer, N.
Homiletics5204AHom 5204a Course Outline HOM 5204a 2021 (3)Tu9:3012:00Townshend, T.
Homiletics5305BContinuation of HomileticsTh8:3011:00Crittenden, J.
Liturgics5204BLiturgical TheologyW18:0020:30Gibaut, J.
Past Theol5213BIntegrative MTS SeminarTh8:3011:00Marks, D.
Past Theol5230APT5230a+Congregational+
Tu14:3017:00Morrison, B.
Past Theol5231APT5231a+Pastoral+Care+and+Counselling+Ministry+2020-21Tu18:0020:30Morrison, B.
Past Theol5232bIslamic Pastoral & Spiritual CarePostponed to Fall ’22
Past Theol5305APASTTHEO 5305A 550 FW21W14:3017:00Connor, T.
Past Theol5313BMDiv Integration & Formation SeminarPlease contact D. Davis
Past Theol5333BGrief, Crisis, & Pastoral CareTu18:0020:30Morrison, B.
Rel Educ5203BIntro to Christian EducationTu14:3017:00Morrison, B.
Rel Stud2130Living ReligionsM13:3016:30Acres, B
see Theol Office for permiss.
Rel Stud5220AIslam & PoliticsM18:0020:30Mattson, I.
Rel Stud5310BInterpreting the
Th11:3014:00Taleb, L.
Syst Theol5103AIntro to Systematic TheolTh8:3011:00Potter, B.
Syst Theol5201BContextual TheologyW8:3011:00Davis, D.
Syst Theol5208BKey Issues in Islamic TheologyTh14:3017:00Mattson, I.
Syst Theol5228BTheology & Relig. PluralismTh8:3011:00Potter, B.
Syst Theol5232BTheological AnthropologyW14:3017:00Potter, B.
Theol Ethics5190BIslamic Law & Legal TheoryW18:0020:30Mattson, I.
Theol Ethics5203BTheological EthicsTh18:0020:30Gruning, H.
Theol Ethics5213A Islamic EthicsW18:0020:30Mattson, I.


2020-2021 Course Timetable
Course Subject
Course #
Course Outline
Arabic1070AQuranic Arabic for BeginnersTh3:306:20Kharrat, Y.
Arabic2080BIntermediate Quranic ArabicTh3:306:20Kharrat, Y.
Arabic5260BReadings From The Qur’anTu9:3012:20Kharrat, Y.
Bib Studies5110AIntro to Bible as ScriptureM7:009:20Meyer, N.
Bib Studies5116BThe New Testament WritingsM12:303:00Meyer, N.
Bib Studies5119AQur’an, Sunnah & HadithM7:009:20Mattson, I.
Bib Studies5120BIntro to the Hebrew BibleM7:009:20Lemos, T.
Bib Studies5222BProphetic LiteratureM8:3011:00Lemos, T.
Bib Studies5224BStudies in the GospelsTu9:3012:00Meyer, N.
Church Hist5104AEarly Church to Late Middle AgesM12:303:00McClatchie, S.
Church Hist5106BLate Mid Ages to Modern PeriodM8:3011:00Acres, W.
Church Hist5111AChristian-Muslim RelationsM12:303:00Mattson, I.
Church Hist5223AChristian Tradition in CanadaM3:306:00Acres, W.
Church Music5223ALiturgical MusicTu9:3012:00Lupton, W. / McClatchie, S.
Field Educ5110AIntro to MinistryTu7:009:00Smith, G.
Field Educ5211AParish/Community PracticumTBA
Field Educ5212BParish/Community PracticumTBA
Field Educ5313BParish/Community PracticumTBA
Greek5130AIntro to Greek GrammarM


3:306:00Meyer, N.
Greek5104BCon’t of Greek Grammar and New Testament ReadingsM


3:306:00Meyer, N.
Greek5223AReadings in New TestamentTu7:009:20Meyer, N.
Homiletics5204ATheol & Practice PreachingM12:303:00Townshend, T.
Homiletics5305BContinuation of HomileticsM7:009:20Crittenden, J.
Liturgics5204BLiturgical TheologyM8:3011:00Larson-Miller, L.
Liturgics5223BSpecial Topics in LiturgicsTu7:009:20Larson-Miller, L.
Liturgics5301BLiturgical LeadershipM3:306:00Larson-Miller, L.
Past Theol5213BIntegrative SeminarM3:306:00Marks, D.
Past Theol5230ACongregational Develop & LeadershipTu3:306:00Morrison, B.
Past Theol5231APastoral Care & CounsellingTu7:009:00Morrison, B.
Past Theol5313BMDiv Integration & Formation SeminarPlease contact D. Davis
Past Theol5332BFamily of Origin SeminarTu7:009:20Morrison, B.
Rel Educ5203BIntro to Christian EducationTu3:306:00Morrison, B.
Rel Stud5134AFreedom of Religion and Accommodation in CanadaM8:3011:00Fahmy, M.
Rel Stud5202BSpirituality of Muslim WomenM7:009:20Mattson, I.
Rel Stud5223BIntro to Sufi Spiritual TeachingsM12:303:00Taleb, L.
Syst Theol5130AIntro to Systematic TheologyM8:3011:00TBA
Syst Theol5201BContextual TheologyM12:303:00Davis, D.
Syst Theol5206BChrist, Salvation, & TrinityTu3:306:00Connor, T.
Syst Theol5231BTheology of Anglican SacramentsTu7:009:30Larson-Miller, L.
Syst Theol5234ASpecial Topics CourseM3:306:00Badcock, G.
Theol Ethics5203BTheological EthicsTu7:009:20Gruning, H.
2019-2020 Course Timetable

Master of Divinity 2019-2020 Course Timetable 

For detailed course and program information, click here.

2018-2019 Course Timetable

2018-19 MDiv/MTS Fall/Winter Course Timetable

Room #s available at under “your Weekly Schedule”

“a” and “f” courses are in first (fall) term;  “b” and “g” in second (winter)

“Calendar/catalogue description is found by clicking “Course #.”
Interested in taking a course below, without being in MDiv or MTS degree stream?
Contact the Faculty of Theology,

Course #
Arabic1070a2018-19Quranic Arabic for beginners (avail to MDiv/MTS too)Th3:306:20Kharrat, Y
Arabic5260b2018-19Readings for the Qur’an. 
MTS/MDiv students should register for this number;
bachelor’s students register for Arabic 3260b
Th4:307:20Kharrat, Y
Bib Studies5110a2018-19Intro to Bible as ScriptureTu11:302:20tba
Bib  Studies5120b2018-19Intro to the Hebrew BibleW






Lemos, T.
Bib Studies5116b2018-19New Testament WritingsTu11:302:20Meyer, N.
Bib Studies5205b2018-19Major Pauline EpistlesF11:302:20Meyer, N.
Church Hist5104a2018-19Early Church to Late Middle AgesTh9:3012:30McClatchie, S.
Church Hist5106b2018-19Late Mid Ages to Modern PeriodTh9:3012:20McClatchie, S.
Church Hist5111b2018-19Christian-Muslim RelationsM14:3017:20Mattson, I
Church Hist5223a2018-19Christian Tradition in CanadaW8:3011:20Acres, W.
Church Hist5350a2018-19Eastern & Orthodox Church HistoryM2:305:20Larson-Miller, L.
Church Music5223b2018-19Liturgical Music (if you have dif signing up for this course, just email






Lupton, W. & McClatchie, S.
Field Educ5110a2018-19Intro to MinistryM9:3012:20Smith, G & Silcox, JA
Field Educ5211a2018-19Parish/Community PracticumTu9:3011:20Smith, G
Field Educ5212b2018-19Parish/Community PracticumTu9:3011:20Smith, G.
Field Educ5313b2018-193rd-yr Placement G. Smith
Greek5103a2018-19Intro to Greek GrammarTu






Greek5104b2018-19Con’t of Grk Grammar and NT ReadingsTU/F2:304:20tba
Hebrew5040a2018-19Intro to Biblical HebrewTU






Hebrew5041b2018-19Intro to Bib Hebrew, part 2Tu/F2:304:20Meyer, N.
Homiletics5204a2018-19Theol & Practice PreachingM9:3012:20Townshend, T
Homiletics5305b2018-19Continuation of HomileticsF9:3012:20Crittenden, J.
Liturgics5204a2018-19Liturgical TheologyTh2:305:20Larson-Miller, L
Liturgics5301b2018-19Liturgical LeadershipW2:305:20Larson-Miller, L
Liturgics5302b2018-19Christian Initiation
(New!  see description below timetable
Tu6:309:20Larson-Miller, L.
Past Theol5213b2018-19Integrative Seminar (MTS only) Registered students should contract instructor to arrange convenient class timeMarks, D.
Past Theol5230a2018-19Congregational Develop & LeadershipTu2:305:20Morrison, B.
Past Theol5231a2018-19Pastoral Care & CounsellingTu5:308:20Morrison, B.
Past Theol5313a/b2018-19MDiv Integration & Formation Seminar (see G. Smith for details)Smith, G.
Past Theol5333b2018-19Grief, Crisis & Pastoral CareTu5:308:20Morrison, B.
Rel Educ5203b2018-19Intro to Christian EducationTu2:305:20Morrison, B.
Rel Stud21302018-19Living Religions of the World (avail to Master’s students if instructor agrees.  = 2 half courses)Th6:309:30Acres, W.
Rel Stud2297a2018-19Faith in Sound, Stone & Paint (MDiv/MTS may take toward degree if instructor agrees)W






McClatchie, S.
Rel Stud2300a2018-19Religion & PsychoanalysisW6:309:20tba
Rel Stud3030g2018-19Angry God:  The Bible & War (MDiv/MTS may take toward degree, if instructor agrees)Tu2:305:20Lemos, T.
Rel Stud3333f2018-19Theology, Science & Society (MDiv/MTS make take toward degree if instruct agrees)M






Marks, D
Rel Stud3450g2018-19Judaism & the Holocaust (MDiv/MTS may take toward degree, if instructor agrees)W3:306:20Marks, D.
Rel Stud5134a2018-19Freedom of Religion and Accommodation in CanadaTh6:309:20tba
Rel Stud5202b2018-19Spirituality of Muslim WomenTu






Mattson, I.
SPE5101a/b2018-19Supervised Pastoral Educ (for those who want credit along with CPE unit) see Faculty of Theol office for details
Syst Theol5103a2018-19Intro to Systematic TheologyM






Badcock, G.
Syst Theol5222b2018-19Theology of Karl BarthM






Badcock, G.
Syst Theol5226b2018-19Christian Theol in the 20th CenturyM






Badcock, G.
Theol Ethics5203b2018-19Theological Ethics Th2:305:20Gruning, H.
Theological Studies3333f2018-19Theology, Science & Society (MDiv/MTS may take toward degree with instructor perm.)M






Marks, D.


Meet the teachers who will help you develop your knowledge, character, and skills so you are well-prepared to carve out a unique path in our complex world. Huron’s Theology professors are internationally renowned scholars and authors who are also dedicated to creating challenging, inclusive, and vibrant learning environments. Whether you are attending a lecture, pursuing a research project, or engaging with community partners, your professors will be there to guide you toward leaving a legacy of Leadership with Heart – wherever you go.

  • My passion is to help develop ministry leaders – from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience – who are growing spiritually, grounded in excellent academic training, and understand how to be contextually relevant.
    The Rev. Dawn Davis, DMin
    Assistant Professor of Contextual Learning and Director of Leadership for Ministry Programs
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  • I aim to do constructive theology that draws on the Christian tradition while also intentionally engaging in interreligious dialogue, particularly around justice, ecology, and the arts.
    Brett Potter, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology
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  • I allow myself to feel the anger, sadness, despair over the things that humans are capable of doing in order to understand the phenomenon - in order to limit, to minimize, the things that cause the despair.
    Tracy Lemos, PhD
    Professor, Theology
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    Through our Master of Divinity program, you will develop superior oration skills, theological knowledge and the character necessary to motivate people towards a higher purpose or greater goal. This program is designed to support students’ pursuit of becoming a religious leader, however, many of our graduates have chosen to use the attributes developed during their time at Huron to follow career paths in a wide variety of other sectors.

    Wherever you want to go, trust you’ll be better prepared to get there with the abilities you develop in this intensive learning environment. From an enriched understanding of cultural differences through to confidence as a public speaker, prepare to become a formidable leader in a world that could benefit from purveyors of positive values, hope and empathy.

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