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Intent to Register

Academic Advising wishes to remind all students that Intent to Register will be available from March 1- April 2.

Please take time to read this important information.

Intent to Register (ITR) is a process where current students formally select their programs and indicate their intention to return for the 2024-25 academic year. Huron students will complete an online ITR form through Student Center. This form lets Huron know that you plan to return, and the module/program you plan to study. If you don’t complete an ITR, you won’t be able to register for courses next year and you won’t be considered for the program you wish to study.

ITR is available in Student Center from March 1– April 2.

Login to your Student Center to complete. All students returning to studies must complete their Intent to Register. For step by step information on how to submit your ITR in Student Center, please click this link for detailed information under the “How do I…” resource page found here:

Please see our Intent to Register- FAQS and ITR Training Manual documents below:


Intent To Register – Training Manual (PDF)

Please contact for further questions or join us for virtual Academic Advising drop in:


No appointment is required to join these sessions, simply log in and we will look forward to assisting you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is ITR?

Intent to Register (ITR) is the process in which students inform their faculty that they will be returning for the next academic year and note which program they would like to pursue.

Why Do I Need To Complete My ITR?

All returning students must complete their ITR for the following reasons:

To continue in their current program
To request a program change
To receive an enrolment appointment which is required to be able to enroll in courses for the next academic year; course selection typically begins in June and students can continue enrolling in courses until the add date in September

When Do I Need To Complete My ITR?

All returning students must complete their ITR through their Student Centre each academic year between March 1 and April 2.

How Do I Complete My ITR?

Students can complete their ITR through their Student Centre under "Western Links" > "Complete My ITR". Refer to the ITR training manual for additional information.

What Do I Select for Faculty/Affiliate University College?

Select "Huron" as your faculty/affiliate university college

Is My Program Considered BA Social Science Or BA Arts?

Bachelor of Arts (BA) Social Science programs include CGS, Economics, Political Science, History, GLE, and Psychology. Bachelor of Arts (BA) Arts programs include East Asia Studies, Japanese, French, English and Cultural Studies, Jewish Studies, and Philosophy.

What If I Change My Mind About My Program But I've Already Completed My ITR?

Provided it is before March 31, you can complete your ITR again and it will override your previous ITR submission. If it is after March 31, please connect with your Academic Advisor.

When Will I Know If I Got Into the Program I Selected On My ITR?

Your academic record will be reviewed to determine eligibility for your selected program once all of your final grades are posted. Your program will be updated on your Student Centre during the summer.

What If I Don't Get Into The Program That I Selected on My ITR?

Students are encouraged to select a second choice while doing their ITR in case they are not eligible for their first choice. If you are not eligible for your first or second choice, you will be put into another program or your status will be "Undeclared".

What Happens If My Module Requirements Have Changed?

Sometimes a discipline will review their modules and change the module requirements. If this happens, you can still follow the module from the year in which you entered the program. If you have any questions about this, please contact your Academic Advisor or to be connected to your Academic Advisor.

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