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The information on this page is for international students - those on exchange or those with us for all four years.

International and exchange students at Huron are students first. As a Huron student, you have full access to all of the services and supports available to Canadian students. Please see the information about services offered at Huron on the Student Life and Support Services web page.

In addition to the services provided for all Huron students, International and Exchange students have access to the additional programs and services listed below:

  • International Student Guide

  • A copy of the International Student Guide will be provided to you upon your arrival at Huron. This guide provides basic information about Canadian currency, banking systems, and getting around the city of London.

    Please also visit the website that the City of London has prepared for you: yourlondoncalling.ca.

  • International & Exchange Student Welcome Week

  • Huron provides international students with the opportunity to move into residence one week prior to the arrival of all first year students. During this week, we have planned activities to help you adjust to life in London, Ontario and the academic environment of a Canadian university. This time is also used to get some of the day-to-day tasks out of the way (health insurance, shopping for the things you need, learning the bus routes, etc.).

    August 28th - September 2nd 2018
    Cost: $350 - includes transportation from Toronto International Airport on August 28, all meals, activities, and room fees for 6 days

    Registration for International Welcome Week is now closed. Please contact valeeta.bennett@huron.uwo.ca if you have any questions.

    International Welcome Week Events:

    • Airport pickup on August 28, 2018
    • Setting up bank accounts and health insurance
    • Trip to the beach
    • Team building events
    • Picnic & tour of London with the International Sophs
    • Tours of the Huron campus, including the library, UWO, and the residences
    • Talk with the Academic Advisors about course selections
    • Shopping with International Student Leaders

    You can read about Western's orientation here - http://www.oweek.ca/ or learn more through Huron’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/huronatwestern
  • International Activities Program

  • One of the fees included in your overall tuition and fees invoice was an “international activities” fee. This fee is used to provide a fun and education series of trips and events to help you learn more about Canadian culture. The trips are free to you and we often invite other Huron students to attend for a small fee.

    Past international activities included:

    o   Niagara Falls
    o   Toronto
    o   London Knights hockey game
    o   Learning how maple syrup is made at the Sugar Bush
    o   Cross country skiing and skating
    o   Trip to Quebec

    In addition to formal trips planned by Student Support Services, the student leaders we call Peer Guides plan smaller outings, informal gatherings and keep our group Facebook page very active.


  • Writing Classes

  • Writing 0011: Introduction to Basic Academic Writing for Multilingual Students
    The course will develop macro-level skills of planning and composing in the writing process, and pre-writing skills such as note-taking from lectures and academic readings. These will help students develop an appreciation for appropriate vocabulary, syntax, and style of the various discourse communities at the university and will also provide the content for writing exercises such as journal entries, summaries, position papers and short essays.
    Antirequisite(s): Writing 0002F/G
    Prerequisite(s): Corequisite(s):
    Pre-or Corequisite(s): 
    Extra Information: 4 lecture hours, 0.5 course. (Huron)

    Writing 1021G: Basic Academic Writing for Multilingual Students
    (This course is restricted to English as a Second Language students).

    The course continues to develop macro-level skills of planning and composing and refines writing skills by introducing language and citation conventions and self-editing for more complex writing projects. Readings that explore questions of identity and relationships within western culture will stimulate critical reviews, reports, and research essays.
    Antirequisite(s): Writing 1020F/G
    Prerequisite(s): Writing 0011F/G or permission of the instructor.
    Corequisite(s): Pre-or Corequisite(s):
    Extra Information: 4 lecture hours, 0.5 course.